08 July 2010

Research Inquiry: Carmine Cassano and Carmina di Iorio

From Angela:
"So what i am looking for is my Great Grandfather Emilio Cassano's parents and his siblings I dont know their names and dates etc.... Emilio Cassano born in Torre Le Nocelle August 25, 1892, Died Boston, MA May 7, 1975. Any help would be wonderful!
Thanks! "

Hi Angela,
Happy to help!  Below is the marriage record of Emilio's parents - Carmine Cassano and Carmina di Iorio.

1892 Marriage Act - Carmine Cassano to Carmina di Iorio

And the highlights:

Marriage Act #2 Filed 2 Feb 1892 in Torre le Nocelle
Husband: Carmine Cassano
Age: 20
Birthplace: Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Residence: Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Occupation: Farmer
Parents: The deceased Gennaro Cassano and the living Isabella de Santis
Bride: Carmina di Iorio
Age: 20
Birthplace: Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Residence: Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Occupation: Farmer
Parents: Ciriaco di Iorio and Maria Carmela Capone
Witness: Gennaro Colucciello, age 60, farmer
Witness: Francesco Capone, age 58, farmer

Carmine and Carmina had at least six children in Torre: 

1. Your Emilio Cassano born 25 August 1892.
2. Nunzia Cassano born 12 July 1895 and died 10 Feb 1897.
3. Ida Messalina Cassano born 21 April 1899
4. Ernesto Cassano born circa 1900
5. Annamaria Cassano born circa 1907
6. Alberto Cassano born circa 1912

There are some large gaps between the last three children, meaning there were more than likely additional children born in between, but since my copies of the Stato Civile acts end at 1899 you'll need to write to the anagrafe office in Torre to see if they can assist you.

Below is Emilio's pedigree chart.

Pedigree of Emilio Cassano born 1892.

Your great-grandmother Emilia de Minico was born in Torre on 8 October 1894 to Ciriaco de Minico and Filomena Todesca.  Emilia had at least three sisters:

1. Maria Carmina de Minico born 27 January 1888
2. Nunzia de Minico born 30 March 1897
3. Maria Giuseppa de Minico born 3 January 1899

Again, it's likely she had more siblings, but since they would have been born after 1900 you'll need to write the anagrafe for more information.

Below is Emilia's pedigree chart.

Pedigree of Emila de Minico born 1894.



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