10 July 2010

Ship Manifest: SS Canopic - 8 Oct 1917 - Napoli to Boston

SS Canopic 1903-1925

Ship Manifest: SS Canopic - 8 Oct 1917 - Napoli to Boston

Two more of our Torresi found in the manifests at Ancestry.com.  Click to enlarge.

List 1a

List 1b

List One:

Line: 25
Name: Ardolino, Giuseppa
Age: 48
Marital: Married
Occupation: Housewife
Birthplace: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Daughter Adelina in Torre le Nocelle
Destination:  Daughter Maria Grazia Ardolino at Box 146 Wellesley MA or daughter Ester Ardolino at 61 Washington St
Previous Travel: In States between 1905-1915
Notation: "Fails to read, claims cannot see without glasses."
Notation: "14 Mar 1941 (fa) 1-314562 CN
Notation: "Cousin Mrs. Louisa P. Ardolino says everything ok."

Maria Giuseppa Ardolino was married to shoemaker Ciriaco Ardolino on 15 October 1885 in Torre le Nocelle.  The couple had seven children:  Maria Grazia Fiorita Carmina (1886), Giovanna Adelina (1889), Esterina (abt. 1891), Giovanni (1892), Caterina Annita (1895), Pia Emma (1899) and Elena (abt. 1904).

Below is Maria Giuseppa's pedigree chart.

Pedigree of Maria Giuseppa Ardolino born 1867.

List 3a

List 3b

List Three

Name: Maria Vozella
Age: 15
Occupation: Tailoress
Marital: Single
Birthplace: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Grandmother Teodora Russo in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: "Mother" (father) Ciriaco Vozzella at 1 Tremont St. Winchester MA
Previous Travel: No
Notation: "C/A 1-361537 12/11/41"

Maria Vozella was born in Torre circa 1902 to Ciriaco (a shoemaker) and Pasqualina Todesca. So far I've only uncovered two siblings for Maria:   Federico (abt. 1905) and Clelia (1906-1912).

Poor little Clelia died of an accidental drowning on 14 June 1912 in Winchester MA.  Her death certificate says she was found in the river.  I can't imagine the horror her family must have felt...  She is buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Woburn MA.

Below is a copy of Clelia's death record from the Family Search site:

1912 Death record of Clelia Vozella.

And the pedigree chart of Maria (and little Clelia) Vozella:

Pedigree Chart of Maria Vozella.


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