16 August 2010

Passport Application: Carmelo Nardone (1889)

Please allow me to introduce to you ... Mr. Carmelo Nardone of Pietradefusi.  The photo above comes from Ancestry.com and was taken for his 1921 U.S. passport.  

Is it only me or does he look a little like movie producer Emile Ardolino?  Maybe it's the mustache ...

Anyway ... Mr. Carmelo was a man on a mission. He was headed back to Italy to find a wife ... and not just ANY wife, mind you ... but a one Miss Ermina Garofalo of Pietradefusi.

1921 Passport Application

U.S. Passport Application # 68600
Issued 25 July 1921 in Washington, D.C.
Application Filed: 20 July 1921 in Luzerne County, PA
Name: Carmelo Nardone
Birth: 9 October 1889 in Pietradefusi, Italy
Father: Gaetano Nardone, born and residing in Pietradefusi
Emigration: From Napoli to NY on or about 23 August 1912, residing in Wilkes Barre, PA between 1912-1921
Residence: 19 N. Main St., Wilkes Barre PA
Occupation: Baker
Naturalization: 24 September 1919 in Wilkes Barre, PA
Reason for Travel: Sailing on board the next available ship in August 1921 to visit parents in Italy and marry Miss Erninia Garofalo who resides in Pietradefusi
Witness: Frank Lafrazia, laborer, 68 Jefferson Ln., Wilkes Barre PA

Not a man to waste any time, he was headed out on the next available ship.  From his 1922 return trip on the Conte Rosso we find that the mission was .... accomplished?  Hmmm...

1922 Conte Rosso Manifest

SS Conte Rosso - Napoli to New York - 5 August 1922

List: 1
Line: 18
Name: Nardone, Carmelo
Age: 33
Citizenship: Naturalized U.S. citizen, 24 September 1919 in Wilkes Barre PA
Residence: 262 S. Washington St. Wilkes Barre PA corrected from 68 Jefferson St.

List: 1
Line: 19
Name: Nardone, Filomena
Age: 23
Note: Wife of Carmelo Nardone, citizen by husbands naturalization

So just who is this Filomena and what has she done with our Erminia??   Maybe Erminia was a nickname?  Or Carmelo was so excited at the prospect of being married that he momentarily forgot the true name of his betrothed?  Or perhaps Erminia, waiting endlessly for Carmelo to return to Pietradefusi, fell in love with the local butcher?  And Carmelo, the poor rebuffed baker was offered the hand of Erminia's younger sister Filomena in an attempt to soothe his wounded ego? 

Sorry ... go a little carried away with myself ;-)

The 1930 census  tells us that Carmelo and his Filomena settled at 150 Prospect St. in Wilkes Barre, PA with son "Lugas."  I'm thinking the actual name was probably "Lucas" ... relayed to the census enumerator in heavy Italian accent.

1930 Federal Census - Wilkes Barre PA

And from his 1942 draft registration we learn that Carmelo was successful in business, if not in love.

WWII Draft Registration

WWII Draft Registration Philadelphia PA Board #46
Filed 22 May 1942
Name: Carmeni Nardone
Residence: 150 Prospect St., Wilkes Barre PA
Telephone: W-B 3-2033
Birth: 9 October 1889 in Pietradefusi, Italy, Province of Avellino
Citizenship: Naturalized U.S.
Occupaton: Self-employed baker at 30 William St., Wilkes Barre PA
Contact: Mrs. Filomena Nardone at 150 Prospect St.

Wait!  Is that a phone number I see listed?  Who wants to call and find out what happened to Filomena?


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