16 August 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Florindo De Cristofaro

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I'm thinking someone had spelling issues with the names of the children, but I've written them as they were typed ...

Petition for Naturalization #93250 Filed 25 May 1927 in Boston MA
Name: Florindo de Cristofaro
Residence: 165 Elm St. Cambridge MA
Occupation: Stone Cutter
Birth: 17 May 1877 in Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy
Emigration: America - Napoli to New York - 31 December 1920
Declaration of Intention: # 168900 Filed 19 March 1925 in Boston MA
Wife: Michelina, born and residing in Italy
Children: (all born and reside in Italy)
Rosi, born 2 October 1906 (Rosa)
Lugia, born 9 May 1910 (Luigia)
Alfonsiano, born 2 August 1912 (Alfonsino)
Marie, born 21 November 1915
Alfongine, born 12 July 1920 (Alfonsina)
Witness: Bernardo de Rose, stone cutter, Boston
Witness: Fred Poti, grocer, Cambridge
Date of Admission: 12 September 1927
Certificate of Naturalization #: 2637131

 Declaration of Intention

Petition for Naturalization


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