23 August 2010

Passport Application: Nicola de Minico (1902)

Nicola de Minico 1923

This one is an interesting contradiction of names and dates ....

Nicola was born in Boston on 12 September 1902 (or 1903 - take your pick) to Carmine de Minico and Maria Carmina (Carmela) de Carro of Torre le Nocelle. Apparently Nicola's birth was never registered with the city of Boston and it was necessary for him to supply alternate means of identification to receive his U.S. passport so he could return to the States. 

At the time it must have been aggravating for Nicola, but it turns out to be a  bonus for us ... as we now have a copy of his baptismal certificate ;-)

Passport Application - page 1

 Letter Included With Application

Passport Application #270338
Filed:  26 February 1923 at the U.S. Consulate in Naples
Issued: 17 April 1923 in Washington, D.C.
Name: Nicola de Minico
Birth: 12 September 1903 in Boston, MA
Father: Carmine de Minico, born and residing in Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy. 
Carmine emigrated from Naples and resided in Boston between 1898-1907 and was not naturalized.
Nicola left the U.S. in 1907, accompanied by his parents and has resided in Torre le Nocelle from 1907-1923.

Enclosed Documents:

1: Certificate of baptism from Roman Catholic church of San Leonardo da Porto Maurizio dated 23 September 1907. 

2: Certified photograph taken by the mayor of Torre le Nocelle, Italy dated 25 February 1923 and a certificate of identification.

Baptismal Certificate:
Church: Saint Leonard's in Boston
Name: Nicola de Minico
Parents: Carmine de Minico and Carmela de Carro
Birth: 12 September 1902
Baptism: 28 September 1902 by Francesco Liberti, Priest
Godfather: Giovanni de Cristofaro
Godmother: Giulietta Bevilacqua

U.S. Reference: Brother Federico de Minico at 27 "Schiff" (Sheafe) St. in Boston MA.

Nicola's birth was not recorded in the city of Boston, however his brother Federico de Minico states that Nicola was born on 12 September 1902 at 67 "Hemman" (Harmon) St. Boston MA.

Baptismal Record Included With Application

Baptismal Record in English


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