24 August 2010

Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachussetts

"Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachussetts"

Written by Joseph William Carlevale and published in 1946 by The Memorial Press in Plymouth, MA.  Copies can be ordered online at the Quintin Publications site.  If you have an Ancestry.com account you can also find it in their database of records.  

A terrific resource for those with ancestors who settled in the Boston area.  I'm not sure how accurate they are as I've noticed a few discrepancies in dates for our Torre ancestors ... but it's still a very interesting read.  Keep checking back as I'm scanning it for everyone from Avellino and will be posting links to the corresponding pages.

~ Torre le Nocelle ~

~ Montemiletto ~

~ Taurasi ~ 

~ Lapio ~ 

~ Grottominarda ~ 

~ Montefalcione ~

~ Province of Avellino ~ (Comunes not specified)


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