24 August 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Ludovico Frongillo (1879)

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Ludovico Froncillo was born in Torre le Nocelle on 1 October 1879 to Carmine Alessandro Froncillo and Maria Concetta Pizzano.  The spelling of the Froncillo surname is one of those that's a bit funky.  For the most part it's spelled with the "G" in the States and the "C" in Italy ... although there were exceptions in both cases.

Thanks to John D. for sharing Ludovico's naturalization info and ship manifest with us :-)

Ludovico made at least four other crossings, but I think this Duilio manifest was the last one.

Duilio - Napoli to New York - 21 April 1928
List: 43
Line: 10
Name: Frongillo, Ludovico
Age: 49
Marital: Married
Occupation: Laborer
Last Residence: T. Nocelle
Relative: Wife Filomena in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Sister Luisa at 112 Salem St. Boston MA
Previous Travel: 1921-1927 in MA

List 43

List 43 page two

Duilio 1923-1944


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