25 August 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Ciriaco Struzziero (1892)

1922 Declaration of Intention

Ciriaco Strozziero was born 21 April 1892 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy to Generoso Strozziero and Maria Amalia Bevilacqua.

Petition for Naturalization #72938
Filed: 18 March 1924 in Boston MA
Name: Ciriaco Struzzieri
Residence: 115 Kittridge St. Roslindale MA updated from 24 Summit St. Roslindale MA
Occupation: Contractor
Birth: 21 April 1892 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Romanic - Napoli to Boston - 29 March 1910
Declaration of Intention: #125320 Filed 2 February 1922 in Boston MA

Spouse: Francesca, born August 1894 in Italy, residing in Roslindale
Children: (All born and reside in Boston)
Joseph, born 6 May 1917
Charles, born 4 September 1919
Amalia, born 6 October 1921
Anthony, born 13 December 1924 (added after petition was filed)

Witness: Calvin Struzziery, asst. engineer, Boston MA
Witness: Giuseppe A. Banco, barber, Boston MA
Note: Petitioner requests name change to Charles Struzziery
Date of Admission: 24 February 1925
Certificate #: 2043613

 Petition for Naturalization

Oath of Allegiance


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