13 September 2010

Passport Application: Gaetano Santoro (1885)

Gaetano Santoro 1919

Spiffy hat, Gaetano!  This poor guy ... he escorts his sick niece back to Pietradefusi and winds up drafted into the Italian army.

Passport Application #120976
Filed 30 July 1919 at U.S. Consulate in Naples
Name: Gaetano Santoro
Birth: 3 February 1885 in Pietradefusi
Residence: 1903-1915 in New York
Naturalization: 26 June 1914 in White Plains NY
Legal Residence: 33 N. 3rd Ave. Mount Vernon, NY
Temporary Residence: Pietradefusi
Last Left U.S.: 6 February 1915 arriving in Pietradefusi on 2 March 1915

"Went to Italy with family for reasons of health and to accompany sick niece and was drafted into the Italian army on 24 February 1916 and discharged on 12 March 1919.  Unable therefore to return to the U.S."

Identifying Documents
1. American Passport # 42681 Issued 16 October 1914 in Washington, D.C.
2. Certificate of Identification, Municipio of Pietradefusi, Avellino, Italy dated 20 May 1919
3. Certificate of Naturalization # 482402 Issued 26 June 1914

Maintains the following ties in the U.S.
Brothers Arcangelo, Antonio and Enrico Santoro - all residing at 33 N. 3rd Ave. Mount Vernon, NY

1922 Passport Application

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  1. How sad he couldn't return if he wanted to. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.


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