14 September 2010

Petition for Naturalization: Ciriaco de Cristofaro (1899)

1918 Declaration of Intention

Ciriaco de Cristofaro was born 7 March 1899 (although his petition states 1900) in Torre le Nocelle to Generoso de Cristofaro of Torre and Maria Annecchiarico of Pietradefusi.  

 1922 Petition for Naturalization

Petition for Naturalization #64845
Filed: 9 June 1922 in Boston MA
Residence: 27 Taft Place, Roslindale MA
Occupation: Chauffeur
Birth: 7 March 1900 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "America" - Napoli to New York - 25 March 1915
Declaration of Intention: #87491 filed 18 November 1919 in Boston MA
Marital: Single
Witness: Carmine Russo, contractor, Roslindale
Witness: Calvin Struzziery, student, Roslindale
Date of Dismissal: 4 December 1922
Reason: "Petitioner was in class VF Draft."

 Petition Dismissal

I've seen this same reason for dismissal on quite a few petitions, so finally did a bit of research.  According to the Selective Service Act of 18 May 1917 non-declarant aliens where placed in class V-F, which exempted them from military service on the ground of alienage... however this also made them ineligible for citizenship.

 Antonio de Cristofaro

Since I couldn't find a photo of Ciriaco ... I'll leave you with one of his older brother Antonio.  Antonio was born 16 December 1887 in Torre.  The photo comes from his grave in Torre le Nocelle.  I wish this custom was the norm in the States ...  it's so much more personal than our traditional headstones.


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