25 October 2010

Capone Sells Liquor Legally

 Boston Evening Globe 23 March 1918 p.3

Office Of The Licensing Board For The City Of Boston, March 23, 1918

Notice is hereby given, under Chapter 100 of the Revised Laws, that Domenico Capone and Emilio Bevilacqua as Capone & Co. have applied or a license of the First Class, to sell intoxicating liquors as Victuallers at No. 428 Commercial st, 513 and 515 Hanover st, and bulkhead entrance on Hanover st, in said Boston, in one room and office, first floor, cellar for stock only, of said building.

This enterprising duo consists of Emilio Bevilacqua born 1870 in Torre le Nocelle to Luigi and Porzia dello Iacono and Ermalindo Domenico Capone, born 12 February 1865 to Leonardo and Nunzia Saveria Leone.

Emilio was the husband of Florinda (Florence) Froncillo and the father of Carmine Domenico, aka Tommy McFarland, one time pro boxer and boxing commissioner.

Domenico Capone was the husband of Maria Grazia dello Iacono.  The two men were third cousins.


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