25 October 2010

Petitions For Naturalization: Sabato de Minico and Fenicola dello Iacono

 Naturalization Index - Sabato de Minico

Sabato de Minico was born 13 September 1889 in Torre le Nocelle to Giuseppe and Maria Carmina Vozella.  

On 24 June 1913 he arrived in Boston on board the Cretic.  Below is the manifest - Sabato is the second yellow line.  The first is Alessandra dello Iacono of Torre, but we'll save her for another post.

Cretic 24 June 1913 List 13

List: 13
Line: 3
Name: Di Minico, Sabato
Age: 23
Marital: Single
Occupation: Farmer
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Brother Giuseppe in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Cugino Federico de Minico at 33 North Bennet St., Boston
Previous Travel: No
Sabato's World War I draft registration card tells us he served in the Italian infantry. The U.S. Army, not inclined to let all that good Italian training go to waste, snapped him up again in 1918.  Sabato was naturalized under the Act of May 9, 1918.

Petition For Naturalization #85363
Filed: 14 June 1918 in Boston MA
Name: Sabato Deminico
Residence: 27 Plesant St., Burrage, MA
Occupation: Soldier (Electric Shade Co.)
Birth: 13 September 1889 in Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "Cretic" - Napoli to Boston - 24 June 1914
Note: Act of May 9, 1918
Witness: Louis J. Hyde, Capt. INF, Camp Devens, MA
Witness: Flos. A. Pudton, 1st Lt. INF, Camp Devens, MA
Date of Admission: 24 June 1918
Certificate #: 1003735

1918 Petition for Naturalization

I next found Sabato in 1930.  He was returning from Torre with his new bride ... Fenicola dello Iacono.  Fenicola was born in Torre on 14 March 1897 to Giovanni dello Iacono and Maria Carmela Bevilacqua.

Conte Grande - Napoli to New York - 3 February 1930

List: 12
Line: 24
Name: De Minico, Sabato
Age: 41
Marital: Married
Note: U.S. Citizen, American passport #100380 issued 8 July 1929 in Washington, D.C.
U.S Residence: Box 226, Hanson, MA

List: 12
Line: 25
Name: Dello Iacono, Fenicola
Age: 33
Marital: Wife of Sabato de Minico
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Father Giovanni in Torre le Nocelle
Note: Immigration visa #7454 issued 21 January 1930 in Naples.
At first I thought they'd married in the States and returned to Torre for the honeymoon, but the 1930 census states that they were just married and shows Fenicola's date of immigration as 1930, so that nixed that idea.

Enumeration Date: 14 April 1930
Residence: Main Street, Hanson, Plymouth, MA (owned, valued at $3,000)

Line 11: De Minico, Sabato, head, age 40, married at age 39, emigrated 1913, naturalized, proprietor - cement block
Line 12: De Minico, Fenicola, wife, age 32, married at age 32, emigrated 1930, alien

1930 U.S. Census > Massachusetts > Plymouth > Hanson > District 62 > Sheet 11a

The Social Security Death Index tells us that Sabato died on 1 February 1963 in Hanson.  Three years later Fenicola became a U.S. citizen.

Naturalization Index #8805115
Name: De Minico, Fenicola
Residence: 449 Main Street, Hanson, MA
Birth: 14 March 1897
Date of Admission: 10 January 1966 in Boston
Petition #: 364586
Alien Registration #: 3284663

1966 Naturalization Index

Fenicola died in Massachusetts on 23 February 2000 ... at the ripe, young age of 102!  

Below are pedigree charts for both Sabato and Fenicola.

Pedigree - Fenicola dello Iacono

Pedigree - Sabato de Minico


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