12 October 2010

The Lowell Sun: Jilted Dello Iacono Sues Cefalo

The Lowell Sun 9 May 1914 p. 47

I must say ... this new NewspaperArchive.com subscription is providing much more entertainment than I expected.

Colomba dello Iacono's mother was Luisa Capone and Antonio Cefalo is none other than the one born 6 June 1869 in Torre le Nocelle to Domenico Cefalo and Mariangela dello Iacono... and who married Ida Vecchia two weeks after the story was printed.

"Boston, May 9

The failure of Antonio Cefalo, a federal contractor, to live up to an ante-nuptial agreement to deposit $10,000 in a bank account to the credit of his bride-to-be, Colomba Dello Iacono of East Boston, is said to be the real reason why there has been no marriage.  Another result arising from Cefalo's failure is the filing of a $20,000 breach of promise suit by Miss Iacono.

The young woman is 18 years old, while Cefalo is 45, or five years older than her father.  The father, Stanislaus Dello Iacono, is prominent in real estate circles in East Boston, where he maintains the Columbia Realty Company at 786 London Street.  Cefalo lives at 35 Brooks Street, Roslindale.

An unusual complication in connection with the case arises from the fact that a week following the breaking of the ties between Cefalo and Miss Iacono, the former began making ardent love to a young woman living at 23 Fleet Street.  A week later a marriage license had been taken out to marry this young woman and the wedding was to have taken place last Sunday night.  It did not, for some reason, which is not explained to the public.

Miss Iacono's declaration sets forth solely the formal allegation that she and Cefalo had mutually agreed to marry, that she had always been ready, but he refused.  Being a minor, the action was entered through her father, Stanislaus Iacono.

** Update **

It would appear that the parents of Colomba were born in Lapio, Avellino, Italy ... or at least their middle son Antonio was.  From page 402 of "Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts"...


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