12 October 2010

Passport Application: Gaetano di Iesu (1876)

1906 Passport Application

Why is it that all the immigrants from Pietradefusi seem to settle in Westchester County NY?

Passport Application #2379
Filed: 29 February 1904 at the U.S. Consulate of Naples
Issued: 2 March 1904
Name: Gaetano di Iesu and wife Alessandra di Iesu
Birth: 10 July 1876 in Pietradefusi
Occupation: Barber
Emigration: Bolivia - Napoli to New York - 1 May 1895
Naturalization: 27 November 1903 in White Plains, Westchester County, NY
Permanent Residence: White Plains NY
Temporary Residence: Pietradefusi since 18 January 1904.  Returning to the States within four days.


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