22 October 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Saturno Bevilacqua (1893)

Declaration of Intention

Saturno Bevilacqua was born 10 November 1893 in Torre le Nocelle to Stanislao Bevilacqua and Mariannina Capone.  He married Pasqualina Cefalo, also of Torre circa 1924.  This was Saturno's second attempt at U.S. citizenship.

Petition for Naturalization #90542
Filed: 26 March 1927 in Boston MA
Name: Saturno Bevilacqua
Residence: 51 Harrington St. Watertown MA
Occupation: Machinist
Birth: 10 November 1893 in Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Cretic - Napoli to Boston - 15 October 1912
Declaration of Intention: #168115 filed 28 February 1925 in Boston MA

Spouse: Pasqualina, born and resides in Italy
Son: Domenico, born 25 October 1926 in Italy, resides in Italy

Witness: John Santos, Machinist, Cambridge MA
Witness: John Costa, Machinist, Cambridge MA

Date of Admission: 18 July 1927
Certificate #: 2635363

Previous Petition: #64440 filed 12 December 1921 in Boston MA
Previous Petition Dismissal: 11 December 1922

Petition for Naturalization

Wife Pasqualina was naturalized on 25 October 1943.
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