17 November 2010

Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts: Carlo Alberto Pizzano

Page 624

"Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts"
Written by Joseph William Carlevale and published in 1946 by The Memorial Press in Plymouth, MA.

"Pizzano, Carl J. - Accountant.  Born Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy, March 17*, 1897.  Son of Leopold Pizzano and Filomena Capone.  Came to U.S. in 1907, settling in Boston.  Accountant with Standard Oil of New York since 1917.  Married Lillian Penta of Revere, Feb. 22, 1919, graduate of Revere High and attended Boston University.  Children: Carl R. Jr., graduate at Kent's Hill Prep. School and Colby College, 1942, A.B., is ensign in U.S. Navy in the Pacific; Phyllis, former student Boston University, is Wave yeoman, U.S. Naval Reserve, Washington, D.C.; Robert, former student of Kent's Hill Prep., is technician in U.S. Army in France; and William, student University of N.H., is in U.S. Navy.  All of whom are graduates of Revere High.  Mr. Pizzano's father came to U.S. in 1900, settling in Chelsea as engineer contractor, had following children:  Salvatore, Leonardo, Henry, Mrs. Margaret Lombardi, Charles, Rudolph, Mrs. Alice Elliot and Carl J.  Res.: 644 Broadway, Revere."

*Carl J. was born Carlo Alberto Pizzano on 18 March 1897 in Torre le Nocelle.  Pedigree chart below.


  1. This is a nice post and great incorporation of a pedigree/family tree representation in your blog post. Many people have been inquiring about how to include a pedigree/family tree in their blogs. Do you mind if I share this posts with other bloggers? And do you mind telling me how you did it? It looks like you made a screenshot of some kind of software....I did something like this on one of my blogs here: http://brooksandwilliams.wordpress.com/brooks-family-arkansas/

  2. @Ginger

    Hi Ginger,
    Thanks for stopping by. Certainly, feel free to share this post with other bloggers.

    The genealogy software I use is called Roots Magic... excellent program. (www.rootsmagic.com) They also offer a free version, which includes almost all the same features as the regular version.

    To create the image I use a program called FastStone Capture (http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm) which is a neat little program that allows you to capture any pic or video currently showing on your screen.

    You have a great blog!



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