17 November 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Carlo Alberto "Carl" Pizzano (1897)

Naturalization Petition

This would be Carlo Alberto Pizzano born 18 March 1897 in Torre le Nocelle.  Carl also appears in "Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts."  You can find that article as well as his pedigree chart in this post.

Naturalization Petition #65259
Filed: 23 August 1922 in Boston, MA
Name: Carl (Carlo Alberto) Pizzano
Residence: 644 Broadway Everett, MA corrected to 444 Broadway, Revere, MA
Occupation: Clerk
Birth: 17 March 1897 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "Romanic" - Napoli to Boston - June 1905
Declaration of Intention: #77990 Filed 2 April 1918 in Boston

Wife: Lillian (Penta), born 2 April 1898 in Boston
Children:  Carl Jr. born 1919 and Phyllis born 1922

Witness: A. Arthur Capone, teacher, Chelsea, MA
Witness: Vincenzo Penta, insurance broker, Revere, MA
Date of Admission: 12 March 1913
Certificate #: 1790648

Naturalization Petition


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