28 December 2010

1913 Mansfield MA Marriage - Palladino to Martelatia

1913 Mansfield MA Marriage Index Volume: 618 Page: 253 Entry: 15

Pasquale was the younger brother of the Felice Palladino in this post.  The Palladino's and Capone's of Montemiletto seem to be intertwined with the Capone's and Bevilacqua's from Torre le Nocelle ... so cugina Carole and I are in the process of trying to untangle them.

Date of Marriage: 7 June 1913 in Mansfield, MA
Priest: H.B. Harold, Catholic
Groom: Pasquale Palladino
Age: 39, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Laborer
Parents: Angelantonio Palladino and "Laroretano Malero" (Lauretana di Matteis)
Bride: Ida Martelatia
Age: 29, born in Italy
Marital: 2nd
Occupation: At Home
Parents: Andrea Martelatia and Maria "Maioli" (probably Meoli)


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