28 December 2010

Ship Manifest: EMS - Napoli to New York - 30 August 1900

EMS - Napoli to New York
30 August 1900

List: U21
Line: 15
Name: Palladino, Felice
Age: 38
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Montemiletto
Destination: Brother-in-law Giuseppe Bevilacqua at 35 (Canal or Charter) Street, Boston
Previous Travel: No

Line 16: Bevilacqua, Cristina, age 38, wife
Line 17: Palladino, Alessandro, son, age 15
Line 18: Palladino, Angelo Antonio, son, age 14
Line 19: Palladino, Laura Anna, daughter, age 12
Line 20: Palladino, Maria Grazia, daughter, age 10
Line 21: Palladino, Alfonsina, daughter, age 8
Line 22: Palladino, Ciriaco, son, age 4
Line 23: Palladino, Vincenzo, son, age 1

List: U21
Line: 24
Name: Fina, Pasquale
Age: 15
Occupation: Barber
Last Residence: Montemiletto
Destination: Giuseppe/a Lanzillo in East Orange, NJ
Previous Travel: No

List: X24
Line: 21
Name: Abate, Gaetana
Age: 21
Marital: Single
Last Residence: Montemiletto
Destination: Brother Salvatore at 103 Endicott Street, Boston, MA
Previous Travel: No

List U21

List X24


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