02 December 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Carlo de Cristofaro

Naturalization Index
Carlo is the second youngest son of Modestino de Cristofaro and Maria Luigia di Iorio.  His wife Lizzie is Elizabeth Colucci.

Naturalization Petition #29364
Filed: 5 December 1918 in Boston, MA
Name: Carlo de Christofaro
Residence: 34 Tremont Street, Chelsea, MA
Occupation: Bottler
Birth: 8 September 1886 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "EMS" - Napoli to New York - 20 August 1894
Declaration of Intention: #5596 Filed 23 November 1916 in Boston
Wife: Lizzie, born 26 January 1882 in Italy, resides in Chelsea
Children: (All live in Chelsea)
1. Alvira, born 7 July 1915 in Somerville,
2. Nanina, born 18 December 1916 in Chelsea
3. Mary, born 28 May 1918 in Chelsea
Witness: Romolo Ferrara, agent, Boston
Witness: Alberico de Cristofaro, agent, Boston
Date of Admission: 14 April 1919
Certificate #: 1205878

Naturalization Petition


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