02 December 2010

Petition For Naturalization - Vincenzo Vozella 1896)

 Certificate of Arrival

Vincenzo's maternal line needs a little work.  I'm guessing his mother was from Montemiletto.

Naturalization Petition #117441
Filed: 7 May 1929 in Boston, MA
Name: Vincenzo Vozzella
Residence: 98 Salem Street
Occupation: Carpenter
Birth: 23 November 1896 in Torre d'Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: "Cretic" - Napoli to Boston - 20 March 1920
Declaration of Intention: #194698 Filed 8 April 1927 in Boston
Wife: Erminia, born in Italy, resides in Boston
Children: (All live in Boston)
1. Stanislao born in Italy
2. Gino born in Boston
3. Vincenzo born in Boston
Date of Admission: 3 February 1930
Certificate #: 3213614

Naturalization Petition

Pedigree of Vincenzo Vozella


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