22 February 2011

1901 and 1903 Boston MA Death Index - Colarusso Mother and Daughter

1903 Boston Death Index Volume: 541 page: 296

Entry: 3939
Name: Rosalia Sateriale
Date of Death: 1 May 1903, Boston City Hospital
Age: 2 years, 2 months, 17 days
Cause of Death: Broncho-pneumonia (9 days); Diphtheria (23 days)
Residence: 23 Fleet St.
Burial: Malden Holy Cross
Father: *Faustino Sateriale, born in Italy
Mother: Rosaria Colarusso, born in Italy
*Faustino was born 5 September 1852 in Torre le Nocelle.

Little Rosalia's mother died two years earlier ... and several weeks after Rosalia's birth.  Faustino didn't have much luck with wives and was widowed three times.  His first wife was an (as yet) unknown woman from Torre, his second was Carolina Lepore and his fourth would be Maria Domenica Lombardi.

1901 Boston Death Index Volume: 519 Page: 141

Entry: 2107
Name: Rosaria Satriale nee Colarusso
Date of Death: 4 March 1901 at 23 Fleet St. Boston
Age: 26, born in Italy
Cause: Eclampsia, 10 days  
(Also something about a fever, but darned if I can make out the word before it.)
Burial: Malden
Spouse: Faustino Satriale
Parents: Pasquale Colarusso and Carmela Melone


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