21 February 2011

50 Years of Marriage: Giuseppe DeMinico & Ardita Cefalo

Ardita Cefalo and Giuseppe DeMinico celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in August 1956.

Boston Marriage Index for the Year 1906, Page 179, No. 4101

They were married on August 11, 1906 by a Justice of the Peace, Achille Forte of 2 Garden Street in the North End of Boston. At the time of their marriage, Ardita and Giuseppe both resided at 180 Salem Street, also in the North End.

Ardita's occupation was Housekeeper.

Giuseppe was employed as a Granite Cutter.

Certificato di Nascita, Comune di Torre le Nocelle

Giuseppe was born in Torre le Nocelle on January 14, 1878 to Carmine DeMinico and Maria Carmela Carideo.

Carmine DeMinico

Atti in Nascita, 1879 Numero 18

Ardita Lauretania Cefalo was born to Luigi Cefalo and Vincenza Selvitella on October 27, 1879 in Torre le Nocelle.

Luigi Cefalo

Birthplace of Ardita Cefalo

The anniversary celebration was recorded in 8 mm.

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  1. What a great entry! Jeff, do you have more info on Carmine DeMinico? I'm pretty sure he's one of mine, but I'm lacking the info to know for sure.


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