01 March 2011

1903 Fitchburg MA Death Index - Alfred Capone

1903 Fitchburg Death Index Volume: 541 Page: 449 Entry: 50
Name: Alfred Capone
Date of Death: 3 February 1903
Age: 1 year, 15 days
Primary Cause: Pertussis
Secondary Cause: Bronchopneumonia
Parents: James Capone and Lena Lanzillo

Father James was Vincenzo Capone (b.circa 1862) and mother Lena was Pasqualina Lanzillo (b. circa 1871).  The family definitely wasn't from Torre, but I suspect from nearby Montemiletto.  In 1910 James was working as a signal man for the B&M railroad and by 1912 had opened up Capone's Bakery on Birch Street in Fitchburg, MA.


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  2. My family lived with a Capone family on Birch Street in Fitchburg from 1920-1922. My family is also from Montemiletto. They were apparently not related to the Capones though.
    feel free to e-mail me at aupoohbear at hotmail dot com


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