02 March 2011

Ship Manifest: Cretic - Napoli to New York - 24 April 1905

Cetic - Napoli to New York
24 April 1905

Just one lone Montemiletto traveler on the entire manifest ...

List: C
Line: 16
Name: Colella, Emilio
Age: 24
Marital: Married
Occupation: Shoemaker
Last Residence: Montemiletto
Destination: Brother-in-law Ciriaco Ardolino at Box 136, Wellesley, MA
Previous Travel: 1896-1902 in Boston

Emilio was born 1879 in Montemiletto.  He married Erminia Diamanta Ardolino (b. 27 May 1879)  of Torre circa 1905 in Italy.

The Ciriaco Ardolino in Wellesley was the son of Carmine Giovanni Ardolino and Maria Grazia Capone. Ciriaco married Maria Giuseppa Ardolino, daughter of Giovanni Antonio Ardolino and Fiorita de Minico ... and sister of Erminia Diamanta Ardolino, wife of Emilio Colella.

Dizzy yet?

It would appear that Emilio and wife Diamanta had some delays.  They were first scheduled to make the trip on 13 April 1905 on board the Konigan Luise.  They were recorded on the manifest, however both lines were crossed out.  Ditto for the 21 April 1905 Neckar manifest.

I went through all 96 pages of the Cretic manifest looking for Diamanta, but she was not to be found.  Son Dante Colella was born 22 September 1905 in Wellesley, so we know for certain she made it to the States sometime between April and September.

The poor gal would have been in the early stages of her pregnancy when she made the crossing.  Can you imagine having to deal with morning sickness and sea-sickness at the same time?

Cretic - List C


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