28 May 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Ciriaco De Virgilio (1889)

 Naturalization Index

They say the third time is the charm.  Ciriaco's first petition was denied for lack of prosecution and his second for Class VF Draft.

Petition for Naturalization # 61621
Filed: 27 December 1921 in Boston, MA
Name: Ciriaco De Virgilio
Residence: 15 Firth Street, Roslindale, Boston, MA
Occupation: Auto Mechanic
Birth: 13 June 1889 in Montemiletto, Italy
Marital: Single
Emigration: "Canopic" - Napoli to Boston - 25 June 1906
Declaration of Intention: #89506 Filed 18 January 1919 in Boston
Previous Petition: #4099 Filed 9 January 1911 in Boston, denied for lack of prosecution

Witness: John De Virgilio, auto mechanic, Roslindale, Boston
Witness: Joseph De Virgilio, chauffeur, Roslindale, Boston

Date of Denial: 20 November 1922
Reason: Class VF Draft

Denied Naturalization Petition

He finally became a citizen in 1931. (Index photo is up in the header.)

Naturalization Index #3480926
Name: Ciriaco De Virgilio
Residence: 15 Firth Road, Roslindale, Boston, MA
Age: 42
Date of Admission: 27 July 1931 in Boston
Petition #: 131423


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