25 May 2011

Ship Manifest: Neustria - Napoli to New York - 7 December 1901

 Guardia Lombardi, Avellino, Italia

 Neustria - Napoli to New York 
7 December 1901

Gennaro might have been living in Guardia Lombardi when he made travel arrangements, but he was born in Torre :-)   Gennaro was a pharmacist who served as Sindaco of Torre during the years 1883-1884.

List: 4
Line: 3
Name: Rotondi, Gennaro
Age: 50
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Guardia Lombardi
Destination: New York
Previous Travel: No
Note: Family is crossed out, did not make passage

Line 4: Rotondi, Filomena, wife, age 48
Line 5: Rotondi, Cesare, son, age 8
Line 6: Rotondi, Alfredo, son, age 4
Line 7: Rotondi, Adelina, daughter, age 6

Neustria - List Four

Pedigree of Cesare Rotondi, son of Gennaro.


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