24 May 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Carmine de Cristofaro (1881)

 Naturalization Index

Petition For  Naturalization #23453
Filed: 7 February 1917 in Philadelphia, PA
Name: Carmine de Cristofaro
Residence: 1236 Adams Avenue, Frankford, Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Stonecutter
Birth: 18 October 1881 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy (Carmine was actually born on 23 October.)
Emigration: "Princess Irene" - Napoli to New York - 29 March 1904
Declaration of Intention: #12202 Filed 8 April 1912 in Philadelphia, PA

Wife: Concetta, 27 years (crossed out and replaced with "dead")
Children: All born and live in Philadelphia
1. Marion born 16 April 1911
2. Margarita born 14 July 1912
3. Eugenio born 23 April 1914

Witness: Antonio Martino, barber, 1314 Unity Street, Philadelphia, PA
Witness: Joseph Deni, bottler, 1308 Unity Street, Philadelphia, PA
Date of Admission: 24 May 1917
Certificate of Naturalization #: 768083

Petition For Naturalization

Pedigree of Carmine Leopoldo de Cristofaro

 Thank you to cugina Mary Beth for sharing this awesome photo with us.  This was taken at the wedding of Mary de Cristofaro-Lombardi, daughter of Carmine. Carmine is on the far right.


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