24 May 2011

Ship Manifest: Sannio - Napoli to Boston - 6 May 1910

Sannio - Napoli to Boston 
6 May 1910

List: 24
Line: 16
Name: Cardillo, Domenico
Age: 41
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Sister Marianna in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Wife Carmela at 6 "Arch" (Hart) Street, Wakefield, MA
Previous Travel: 1899-1910 in MA

List: 24
Line: 17
Name: Cardillo, Angelo
Age: 13
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Previous Travel: No
Note: Son of Domenico Cardillo

List 24

List 24-2


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