08 June 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Gennaro Pagliocca (1892)

Certificate of Arrival

Petition for Naturalization #7383
Filed: 6 November 1916 in Scranton, PA
Name: Gennaro Pagliocca
Residence: 3 Winston Street, Pittston PA
Occupation: Miner
Birth: 29 April 1892 in Pietradefusi, Italy
Declaration of Intention Filed: 23 November 1911, Scranton PA
Emigration: Princess Irene - Napoli to New York - 3 September 1908

Wife: Pascucci, born in S. Giorgiola, Italy, resides Pittston PA
Son: Raffaele, born 12 May 1915 in Pittston PA

Witness: John McGowan, constable, Pittston PA
Witness: Joseph McLane, constable, Pittston PA

Date of Admission: 25 April 1917
Certificate #: 915544
Birth Occurring After Petition and Before Naturalization: Filomena, age 3 months

Naturalization Petition


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