07 June 2011

Wedding Photos!

Carmine Leopoldo de Cristofaro far right. This was taken 27 April 1930 at his daughter Maria Grazia's marriage to Carmine Lombardo. Carmine Leopoldo was born 23 October 1881 in Torre le Nocelle to Eugenio and Maria Grazia la Torella.

Whoo hoo! I LOVE photos :-) These come to us from Mary Beth C. of Philadelphia. Carmine Leopoldo de Cristofaro was her great-grandfather.

Leopoldo de Cristofaro stands to the left of the bride. This was taken at his daughter Mary's wedding. Leopoldo was born 14 April 1889 in Torre le Nocelle and was the younger brother of Carmine Leopoldo.

Carmine Leopoldo and his bride Concetta Senatore taken for their wedding in 1910.


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