27 November 2011

1940 Census Update

At a recent meeting of our genealocial society, one of our members wanted to know if you could purchase your own copy of the 1940 census when it is released next year. Nobody had an answer. However, I found the answer today and thought I'd pass it on to you. I will not be purchasing it; I'll wait until it's online.

The following was published by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration:

The National Archives Trust Fund is taking pre-orders for the 1940 Census data and enumeration district maps on hard-drives and hard-drive arrays. We will also be offering microfilm copies, starting April 2, 2012, of the 1940 Census data and enumeration district maps.It is important to note that the National Archives and Records Administration will also be hosting all 18+ terabytes of data online, free of charge, for viewing and download. You can purchase the entire set for "only" $200,000 in digital form. If you prefer microfilm, it will set you back $580,750. However, you can purchase individuals states for much less.


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