26 November 2011

Cecilia Pizzano: 1907-1915

Birth Index, City of Chesea, 8 Nov 1907, p.20

Death Certificate: 30 Sep 1915

In the Leading Americans of Italian Descent article on Filomeno Pizzano, at least one child is missing as one of his children.
In the birth index above is listed the following:
Entry 887
Born: Nov. 8, 1907
Name: Ozelia Pizzano
Father: Filmeno Pizzano
Mother: Lizzie Drinkwater
Address: 3 Pembroke St. Chelsea, Massachusetts
Father's Occupation: Carpenter
Father born in: Italy
Mother born in: Italy

The death certificate reads:

Name: Cecelia Pizzano
Address: 30 Summit Avenue, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Born: Nov. 8, 1907
Died: Sept., 30, 1915 at Frost Hospital
Cause: Multiple burns with resulting shock caused by the accidental igniting of clothing. (Bonfire)
Father: Filomeno Pizzano
Mother: Elisa Bevilacqua


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