24 February 2012

1860 Torre le Nocelle Death - The Murder of Carmine Rotondi

 Pedigree of Carmine Rotondi

These next several deaths were the result of the 1860 massacre in Torre le Nocelle.  The original records regarding those charged and detained are on file at the archives in Avellino.  Florindo has researched the massacre in depth and transcripts of the documents can be found on his site. Thanks go to Maria-Francesca for the translations.

#21 Filed 7 Settembre 1860
Name: Don Carmine Rotondi, 55, proprietario, figlio dei furono Don Errico Rotondi e Donna Rosa Colletti, proprietari
Death: 7 Settembre 1860 ad ore diciassette
Declarant: Gennaro de Minico, 66, scalpellino
Declarant: Giovanni Antonio Strollo, 40, sartore
Sindaco: Pasquale Petriello

Carmine Rotondi was murdered by Agostino Vozella of the deceased Giovanni Vozella and Giuseppe Angelo Carideo of the deceased Michele Carideo.  Agostino overtook Don Carmine and forced him to kiss their hands, then ordered Giuseppe Angelo to point the musket in Carmine's side, killing him.  Pedigree charts of Agostino and Giuseppe Angelo are below.  Agostino died on 7 December 1875 in the prison in Porto Longone, Livorno.

Pedigree of Agostino Vozella

Pedigree of Giuseppe Angelo Carideo


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