25 February 2012

1860 Torre le Nocelle Death - The Murder of Michele Carideo

Pedigree of Michele Carideo

#22 Filed 7 Settembre 1860
Name: Michele Carideo, 50, contadino, figlio dei furono Tommaso Carideo ed Annamaria de Angelis, contadini
Death: 7 Settembre 1860 ad ore diciassette
Declarant: Gennaro de Minico, 66, scalpellino
Declarant: Giovanni Antonio Strollo, 40, sartore
Sindaco: Pasquale Petriello

Michele was murdered in self defense by Giovanfrancesco (Francesco) Rotondi. Michele, accompanied by Giovanni di Nuzzolo, Marco la Torella, Domenico Cassano, Ferdinando Vozella and Carmine Carideo attacked the home of Francesco Rotondi.

Francesco escaped, but not before killing Michele and Carmine Carideo (Carmine was the nephew of Michele) and getting a piece of Giovanni di Nuzzolo.

Incidentally, Michele was married to Orsola Penna (daughter of Errico and Angela Rosa Cefalo) at the time of his death. Orsola went on to wed Pasquale Cheche in 1862 and Tommaso Carideo (nephew of first husband Michele and almost 30 years her junior) in 1876. None of her marriages produced children. Pedigree charts of all involved are below.

Pedigree of Giovanfrancesco Rotondi

Pedigree of Giovanni di Nuzzolo

Pedigree of Marco la Torella

Pedigree of Domenico Cassano

Pedigree of Ferdinando Vozella

Pedigree of Carmine Carideo

Relationship chart between Michele Carideo and nephew Tommaso Carideo - both spouses of Orsola Penna


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