04 July 2012

A heinous crime 1937: Torre is shaken by a brutal double murder

Antonio Iarrobino circa 1859 - 1937

A Heinous Crime

1937: Torre is shaken by a brutal double murder.

by Florindo Cirignano


This is a grim story, full of greed, violence and blood. It's a compendium of baselessness and betrayal that does nothing to honor the people involved. For these reasons, I hesitated to tell it. Seventy-five years have now passed since these events occurred in 1937; urged by Charles Iarrobino, a direct descendant of the victims, I recently decided to share what I learned.

The first time I heard this story I was still a child; my dad told it to me. Later, when I was a young man, my grandmother revealed more details. She apparently had confidential information from one of the protagonists of this horrible incident.

Then, too, there were many witnesses - among them Antonio Pizzano, Riccio, Antonio Pungiotto, and Mario Fina Gianninella, some of whom had entered the house of horrors.

Over the years, I  pursued many sources, including descendants of the protagonists, neighbors, and other witnesses who had direct or indirect access to information on the case. I can today state that all versions agree about ninety-nine percent.  I am confident this account can be said to be historically and absolutely true.

First things first ...

The full story can be read here on Florindo's site.

Pedigree of Antonio Iarrobino

Pedigree of Maria de Angelis

Maria de Angelis 1850 - 1937


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