17 April 2014

1922 Emergency Passport of Ciriaco Leone

Ciriaco Leone passport photo taken 17 March 1922 in Torre le Nocelle.

Emergency Passport Application #1078
Filed: 20 March 1922 at U.S. Consulate in Naples, Italy
Name: Ciriaco Leone
Birth: 20 February 1904 in New York City, NY
Occupation: Miner
Temporary Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Legal Residence: 16 Market Street, Boston, MA
Last Left U.S.: 1907 To accompany mother to Torre le Nocelle.
Father: Eugenio Leone, born in S. Donato, Caserta, now residing in Boston, MA
Father: Citizenship: Emigrated in 1898, resided 24 years in Boston. Naturalized, but cannot give details.
-Documents -
1. Baptismal certificate from the Church of Madonna del Carmine in New York City issued 9 October 1906.
2. Photo issued by mayor of Torre le Nocelle on 17 March 1922.
U.S. Reference: Father Eugenio Leone, 16 Market Street, Boston, MA

1922 Passport Page 1

1922 Passport Page 2

Ancestors of Ciriaco Leone


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