07 June 2014

Slayer Tries Suicide When Close Pressed by Police: 28 May 1909

Fitchburg Daily Sentinel, p. 11
28 May 1909

Slyer Tries Suicide When Close Pressed by Police.
Boston: May 28. - When he believed the police were closing in on him, Giacinto Pelosi last night managed to reach the room at 8 Foster place, in which a week ago he had killed his wife, and attempted to take his own life by firing a bullet into his face.
     Whether his attempt to evade justice will be successful is a matter of uncertainty as yet, but he is expected to die. He had been pursued by the police since May 27.
     Believing his wife to be unfaithful to him, Pelosi is said but neighbors to have constantly threatened her. The long threatening apparently had its result in the shooting last week. Pelosi is 24 years old and his wife was a year older.


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