16 August 2014

Naturalization of Ciriaco Pizzano, 1929

Naturalization Index Card: 1929

Source:  "The National Archives," database and images, Fold3.com. (http://www.fold3.com : accessed 14 Aug 2014); Naturalization of Ciriaco Pizzano; Publication Number: M1545;
Publication Number: M1545
Publication Title: Index to Petitions and Records of Nationalizations of the U.S. and District Courts for the District of Massachusetts, 1907-1966
Publisher: NARA
National Archives Catalog ID: 595176
National Archives Catalog Title: Petitions and Records of Naturalization, compiled 12/1790 - 02/1970
Record Group: 21
State: Massachusetts
Short Description: NARA M1545. Index to naturalization petitions and records for the District of Massachusetts, within the U.S. District Court, 1906-1966, and the U.S. Circuit Court, 1906-1911.
Roll: 092
Admission Year: 1929

Immigrant Full Name: PIZZANO Ciriaco
Age: 31
Petition No. 114445
Date of Admission May 20th 1929
Declaration of Intention No. 176322
Issued By: U.S. Dist. Court of Boston, Mass. on the 7th day of October 1925
Certificate No. 2941841


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