11 May 2015

1821 Pietradefusi Marriage: Nicola Barletta to Orsola Vesce

1821 Pietradefusi Marriage #7 page 1

1821 Pietradefusi Marriage #7 page2

Thanks again to Diane Oswald for sharing her research with us.  These are from LDS film # 1547072.  Barletta is another surname that bounces around.  In Torre it's usually Parletta, and Barletta in Pietradefusi.

Pietradefusi Marriage #7 Filed 23 Aprile 1821
Sposo: Nicola Barletta, 52, contadino, nato e domiciliato in Torre le Nocelle
Father: Francesco Barletta, contadino, defunto
Mother: Angela Iarrobino, defunto

Sposa: Orsola Vesce, 39, nata e domiciliata in Pietradefusi
Father: Vincenzo Vesce, contadino, defunto
Mother: Cerilla della Verde, defunto

Marriage bann posted 1 Aprile 1821 in Pietradefusi
Included Act:  Atto di morte di Maria Colarusso, prima moglie dello sposo.
Included Act: Atto di morte di Carmine Satriale, primo marito della sposa.

Witness: Bartolomeo Iandola, 40, notaio
Witness: Giacinto Petitto, 30, medico
Witness: Don Abele de Cristofaro, 40, uffiziale
Witness: Nicola Donadia, 50, manuenso
Sindaco: Francesco Petitto

Family of Nicola Barletta and first wife Maria Colarusso.

Ancestors of Nicola Barletta


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