10 May 2015

1822 Pietradefusi Marriage: Luca Magno to Maddalena Genovario

1822 Pietradefusi Marriage #17 page 1

1822 Pietradefusi Marriage #17 page2

Thank you to Diane Oswald for sharing her research with us.  These are from LDS film # 1547072.  Maddalena's surname bounces around a bit between Genovario, Iannuario, Gennuario and Iannucci.

Pietradefusi Marriage #17 Filed 15 Maggio 1822
Sposo: Luca Magno, 23, calzolaio, nato e domiciliato in Torre le Nocelle
Father: Francesco Magno, calzolaio, domiciliato in Torre le Nocelle
Mother: Angela de Angelis, defunta

Sposa: Maddalena Genovario, 21, nata e domiciliata in Pietradefusi
Father: Amato Genovario, contadino, defunto
Mother: Eleanora di Iesu, domiciliata in Pietradefusi

Marriage banns filed 14 Aprile in Pietradefusi and 3 Marzo in Torre le Nocelle.

Witness: Don Pietropaolo Zampetti, 40, proprietario
Witness: Nicola Donadio, 51,mannese
Witness: Agnielo Attanasio, 29, contadino
Witness: Giuseppe Manganelli, 30, sagristano

Sindaco: Francesco Petitto

Family of Luca Magno and Maddalena Genovario

Ancestors of Luca Magno


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