02 December 2010

1905 Boston MA Marriage Index: De Cristofaro to Ardolino

1905 Boston Marriage Index Volume: 557 Page: 152 Entry: 3494

Vincenzo "James" de Cristofaro was born 1 July 1882 in Torre le Nocelle to Modestino and Maria Luigia di Iorio.  He is the older brother of Carlo and the younger brother of Alessandrina.

Teresina Ardolino was born 6 September 1886 in Torre le Nocelle to Emidio and Vittoria "Emanuella" Cardillo.

Date of Marriage: 23 July 1905
Priest: Antonio Mele, 14 Noth Bennet St.

Groom: Vincenzo D'Christofaro
Age: 23, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Barber
Residence: 13 Margaret Street
Parents: Modestino D'Christofaro and Luigia D'Eorio

Bride: Teresina Ardolino
Age: 18, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 13 Margaret St.
Parents: Emedio Ardolino and Emanuella Cardillo

I'm still trying to track down children for this couple, but so far have found six:

Salvatore  27 February 1906 to 4 March 1906
Emma       31 July 1907
Lena         28 April 1909
Edith         About 1911
Colombus  8 February 1914 to 26 October 1896
Valia         About 1922

Below is Teresina Ardolino's pedigree chart. You can find Vincenzo's at the bottom of this post.

Teresina Ardolino Pedigree


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