30 September 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Ciriaco "Charles" Pizzano (1893)

Naturalization Index

Ciriaco Pizzano was born 23 January 1893 in Torre le Nocelle to Leopoldo Pizzano and Filomena Capone.  He married Emma Ciampa of Taurasi on 18 October 1919 in Boston MA.

Petition for Naturalization #67339
Filed: 2 February 1923 in Boston MA
Name: Charles Pizzano
Residence: 36 Claremon St. Somerville MA
Occupation: Wood Carver
Birth: 23 January 1893 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Canopic - Napoli to Boston - 24 June 1904
Declaration of Intention: #48603 Filed 26 February 1916 in Boston

Spouse: Emma, born 22 August 1898 in Taurasi
Child: Filomena, born 2 August 1920 in Somerville MA

Witness: Emilius R Ciampa, sculptor, Boston
Witness: Frank V. Colson, artist, Boston
Date of Admission: 19 June 1923
Certificate #: 1792570

 Petition For Naturalization

Charles is also mentioned on pages 624 and 625 of "Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts."

29 September 2010

Passport Application: Michele de Leo (1861)

1900 U.S. Passport Application

U.S. Passport Application # 746
Filed: 13 June 1900, U.S. Embassy at Rome
Name: Michele de Leo
Occupation: Merchant
Birth: 1861 in Montemiletto, Italy
Spouse: Ella de Leo
Child: Maria de Leo, born 15 September 1890 in Port Townsend, WA
Emigration: 31 March 1883 from Naples
Naturalization: 8 October 1894, Kings County Superior Court, Seattle, WA
Last Left U.S.: 19 May 1900 on board the Werra, arriving in Naples on 30 May 1900.  Has resided in Montemiletto up until four days prior to application.
Witness: Ernesto Barbato, Montemiletto, Italy

28 September 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Filomeno Pizzano (1882)

"Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts" p.624

Filomeno Pizzano was born 26 March 1882 in Torre le Nocelle to Salvatore Pizzano and Angela Rotondi.  He married Elisa Bevilacqua (also of Torre) on 6 June 1902.  

Filomeno opened the Pizzano Hardware Company in 1922.  The store was located at 351 Broadway in Revere, MA.  Below are Filomeno's petition for naturalization and his 1912 U.S. passport application.

Petition For Naturalization #5274
Filed: 18 December 1911 in Boston MA
Name: Filomeno Pizzano
Residence: 30 Summit Ave., Chelsea MA
Occupation: Carpenter
Emigration: Cambroman - Napoli to Boston - 11 January 1903
Declaration of Intention: #4145 filed 22 November 1907 in Boston MA

Spouse: Elisa, born in Avellino, Italy, resides in Chelsea
Children: (All reside in Chelsea)
Salvatore, born 16 February 1903 in Italy
Angelo, born 13 May 1906 in Chelsea
Ersilia, born 8 November 1907 in Chelsea
Ferdinando, born 11 August 1909 in Chelsea
Giacinta, born 24 August 1911 in Chelsea

Witness: Rocco Sarni, blacksmith, Chelsea MA
Witness: Michael A. Langone, driver, Revere MA
Date of Admission: 13 May 1912
Certificate #: 266735

 Petition for Naturalization

U.S. Passport Application #77081
Filed: 8 June 1919 in Boston MA
Issued: 14 June 1919
Name: Filomeno Pizzano
Birth: 27 March 1882 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: Cambroman from Naples on 29 December 1902
Naturalization: 13 May 1912 in Boston MA
Residence: 30 Summit Ave., Chelsea MA
Occupation: Carpenter
Applicant desires passport be sent to S.R. Romano, 347 Hanover St., Boston MA

 1912 Passport Application

27 September 2010

Passport Application: Antonio Cefalo (1869)

Antonio Cefalo Family 1923

Antonio Cefalo was born in Torre le Nocelle on 6 June 1869 (although the passport says the 7th) to Domenico Cefalo and Mariangela dello Iacono.  He married Ida Vecchia on 24 May 1914 in Boston MA.

Passport #302607
Filed: 1 June 1923 in Boston MA
Issued: 4 June 1923 in Washington, D.C.
Name: Antonio Cefalo
Occupation: Contractor
Residence: 316 Belgrade Ave., Roslindale, Boston MA
Birth: 7 June 1869 in Avellino, Italy
Father: Domenico Cefalo, born in Italy, deceased
Emigration: April 1887 from Naples
Naturalization: 29 July 1897 in Boston MA

Spouse: Ida, born in Italy
Children: (All born and reside in Roslindale)
Flora, born 18 February 1915
Gilda, born 8 January 1918
Gina, born 18 June 1920

Travel Plans: To visit family in Italy.  Leaving the port of New York on board the Conte Rosso on 20 June 1923.
Witness: Patrick J. McCarthy, merchant, 316 Belgrade St. Boston MA

1923 U.S. Passport Application

And a great photo I swiped from Flo's site ... not sure when it was taken tho...  (Grazie Flo!)

Antonio and Ida

And the 1914 Boston Marriage index showing their marriage.  This was found on the pilot site at Family Search.

Boston Marriage Index - page one

Boston Marriage Index - page two

26 September 2010

1894 Boston Massachusetts Birth Index

Entry: 3813
Name: (male) Ardolino
Birth: 12 March 1894
Residence: 29 Clark St.
Father: Raimondo Ardolino, shoe maker, born in Italy
Mother: Malia, born in Italy
Raimondo Ardolino was born 22 January 1867 in Torre le Nocelle to Ciriaco Ardolino and Carmela Strozziero.  Wife Maria Amalia de Angelis was born 13 August 1868 in Torre to Antonio di Angelis and Carmina di Iorio.  

To learn the name of their newborn son I had to go back to the civil records for Torre ... unfortunately it was a death act.   

Mental Note: Just because our ancestors came to the States and stayed, does not mean they didn't make a few trips back and forth first.  The missing record we're searching for could very well be found in Italy.

#26 Filed 14 Ottobre 1894
Name: Leonardo Ardolino, di mesi sette, residente in Torre le Nocelle, nato in New York, America, figlio di Raimondo Ardolino, scalpellino ed Amalia de Angelis, contadina, residenti in Torre le Nocelle
Death: 13 Ottobre 1894 ad ore 5:20 PM nella casa posta in Contrada Casaline
Declarant: Erminio de Cristofaro, 32, scalpellino
Declarant: Carmine la Ragione, 50, mannese
Witness: Federico Olivieri, 34, calzolaio
Witness: Ciriaco de Angelis, 63, contadino
Death Record of Leonardo Ardolino

Search Massachusetts Naturalization Records At Footnote

Ship Manifest: Burgundia - Napoli to New York - 12 April 1890

SS Burgundia

Burgundia - Napoli to New York 
12 April 1890

Blue links above lead to photos of the corresponding manifest pages.

List: 3
Line 8: Pellegrino Anfiero, 34, Pietradefusi
Line 9: Tommaso de Nunzio, 31, Pietradefusi
Line 10: Pietro Nardone, 44, Pietradefusi
Line 11: Carmine Sateriale, 32, Pietradefusi
Line 12: Giovanni de Nisco, 25, Pietradefusi
Line 13: Gaetano Zampetti, 21, Pietradefusi
Line 14: Carmine Pagliocca, 39, Montemiletto
Line 15: Pellegrino Ciarla, 15, Montemiletto
Line 16: Nunzia Ardolino, 38, Montemiletto
Line 17: figlio Giovanni, 11, Montemiletto
Line 18: figlio Vincenzo, 8, Montemiletto
Line 19: Cefalo, Giuseppe, 21, Pietradefusi

List: 5
Line 96: Bernardo Capone, 35, Montemiletto
Line 97: Ciriaco Capone, 34, Montemiletto
Line 98: Angelo Lombardi, 22, Montemiletto
Line 99: Domenico Brogna, 41, Montemiletto
Line 100: Sabato Laporta, 41, Pietradefusi

List: 6
Line 1: Domenico Manganiello, 32, Pietradefusi

List: 7
Line 18: Maria de Angelis, 21, Torre le Nocelle
Line 19: Achille Strollo, 22, Torre le Nocelle
Line 20: moglie Maria (Tecce), 22, Torre le Nocelle
Line 21: Domenico de Vito, 43, Torre le Nocelle
Line 22: Carmine Villano, 21, Torre le Nocelle
Line 23: Pasquale di Iorio, 50, Torre le Nocelle
Line 24: figlio Saverio (di Iorio), 11, Torre le Nocelle
Line 25: figlio Ciriaco (di Iorio), 6, Torre le Nocelle
Line 26: figlia Giovanna (di Iorio), 9, Torre le Nocelle

List: 9
Line 59: Luigi Cefalo, 47, Torre le Nocelle

List: 11
Line 39: Celestino Leonardo, 39, Taurasi
Line 40: Marciano Capobianco, 34, Taurasi
Line 41: Marciano La Torella, 31, Taurasi
Line 42: Marciano Caggiano, 54, Taurasi
Line 43: Michele Capobianco, 44, Taurasi

25 September 2010

1886 Boston Massachusetts Birth Index

1886 Boston Birth Index Volume: 369 Page: 260

Entry: 11674
Name: Maria Catterina Cieri
Birth: 23 August 1886
Residence: 1 Everett Court
Father: Gennaro Cieri, laborer, born in Italy
Mother: Maria, born in Italy
Entry: 11680
Name: Carmine Cristoforo
Birth: April 1886 in Italy
Father: Ciriaco Cristoforo, musician, born in Italy
Mother: Concetta, born in Italy

1892 Boston Massachusetts Birth Index

1892 Boston Birth Index Volume: 423 Page: 156

Entry: 7057
Name: Domenico Diminico
Birth: 3 October 1892
Residence: 223 North St. - rear
Father: Giovanni Diminico, barber, born in Italy
Mother: Serafina, born in Italy

Entry: 7058
Name: Gaetano Diminico
Birth: 3 October 1892
Note: Twin

1892 Boston Massachusetts Death Index

1892 Boston Death Index Volume: 429 Page: 60
Entry: 1380
Name: Valerio G Domenico (m)
Death: 7 February 1892
Age: 2 years 4 months
Cause of Death: Acute Bronchitis, 6 days
Residence: 2 Landers Court, Boston MA
Father: Giovanni Domenico*, born in Italy
Mother: Sarafina Struciera**, born in Italy
*Giovanni de Minico born 10 February 1851 in Torre le Nocelle
** Serafina Strozziero born 27 October 1859 in Taurasi.

Petition For Naturalization: Joseph Capone (1890)

Petition Index

Joseph Capone was born in Montemiletto on 27 June 1890.  Apparently it took him two attempts to gain citizenship as the index above is stamped dismissed.  Below are both petitions for naturalization.

Petition for Naturalization #109832
Filed: 26 September 1928 in Boston MA
Name: Joseph Capone
Residence: 4 Derby St., Somerville MA
Occupation: Teamster
Birth: 27 June 1890 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Padua - Napoli to New York - 2 April 1900
Declaration of Intention: #185508 Filed 22 June 1926 in Boston

Spouse: Rose, born in (June 1892) Avellino, Italy, residing in Boston
Children:  (Born and live in Boston)
Armondo, born 21 March 1912
Antonio, born 12 September 1913
Evelyn Everline, born 17 January 1923

Witness: Vincenzo Musto, unemployed, Boston, MA
Witness: Domenico Gallucci, barber, Arlington, MA
Date of Admission: 14 January 1929
Certificate #: 2800498

1922 Dismissed Petition

1928 Approved Petition

24 September 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Carmine Frongillo (1903)

Naturalization Index

Carmine Frongillo was born 27 August 1903 in Torre le Nocelle to Saverio Froncillo and Letizia Rotondi.

Petition For Naturalization #101385
Filed: 14 January 1928 in Boston MA
Name: Carmine Frongillo
Residence: 46 Harvard St., Winchester MA
Occupation: Laborer
Birth: 27 August 1903 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: Cretic - Napoli to Boston - 21 March 1920
Declaration of Intention: #165022 Filed 10 December 1924 in Boston
Marital: Single
Witness: Joseph Marrone, contractor, Winchester MA
Witness: Carmine Frongillo, laborer, Winchester MA
Date of Admission: 23 April 1928
Certificate #: 2658589

Petition for Naturalization

22 September 2010

Passport Application: Albert Capone (1893)

Albert Capone 1920

U.S. Passport Application #160510
Date of Application: 12 January 1920
Passport Issued: 19 January 1920
Name: Albert Capone
Birth: 16 June 1883 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Father: Angelo Capone, born in Italy, currently residing in Montemiletto
Emigration: 11 April 1900 from Naples
Residence:  Between 1900-1920 uninterruptedly in New York, Boston and Lowell
Naturalization: 19 June 1911 - Superior Court of Worcester County at Fitchburg MA
Permanent Residence: Lowell MA
Occupation: Barber
Reason For Travel: To see relatives in Italy.
Witness: Domenico Gallucci, naturalized citizen residing in Boston, has known Albert for fifteen years.
Applicant requests passport be sent to 726 Lakeview Ave, Lowell MA

1920 U.S. Passport Application

1915 Boston Birth Index: Flora Angelina Anna Cefalo

1915 Boston Birth Index Volume: 1915/BV1 Page: 132

Entry: 2620
Name: Flora Angelina Anna Cefalo
Birth: 18 February 1915
Residence: 316 Belgrade Ave.
Father: Antonio Cefalo, contractor, born in Italy
Mother: Ida Vecchio, born in Italy
Flora's father Antonio was born 6 June 1869 in Torre le Nocelle to Domenico Cefalo and Mariangela dello Iacono.  Below is a family photo from Antonio's 1923 passport application.  The two other girls were Gilda (1918) and Gina (1920).  It looks to me like the girl on the far right is the oldest, so perhaps she is our Flora?

21 September 2010

Boston Marriage Index 1899 and 1905

1899 Boston Marriage Index Volume: 491 Page: 261

Entry: 4682
Date of Marriage: 17 October 1899
Justice of Peace: James O. Fallon, 2767 Washington St. Boston

Groom: Pietro P. Capone
Age: 23, born in Italy
Occupation: Barber
Marital: 1st
Residence: 84 Portland St.
Parents: Domenico Capone and Antonia Sacco

Bride: Grace M. Minard
Age: 21, born in Manchester, NH
Occupation: Domestic
Marital: 1st
Residence: 7 South Margin St.
Parents: Jerry Minard and Sarah Walker

This marriage ended in divorce.  Pietro's subsequent marriage is below.

1905 Boston Marriage Index Volume: 557 Page: 161

Entry: 3691
Date of Marriage: 3 August 1905
Priest: Francis F Sannella, 12 North Square

Groom: Peter P Capone
Age: 27, born in Italy
Marital: 2nd, divorced
Occupation: Bootblack
Residence: 316 North St.
Parents: Domenico Capone and Antonia Sacco

Bride: Romilda Capone
Age: 19, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 108 Orleans St.
Parents: Angelo Capone and Maria Capone
Romilda's 1902 Vancouver manifest tells us that she was from Montemiletto, where her father was the postmaster.

Also on the same page of 1905 marriages ...

Entry: 3684
Date of Marriage: 1 August 1905
Priest: Francis F Sannella, 12 North Square

Groom: Giovanni Nardini (likely Nardone)
Age: 25, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Tailor
Residence: 478 Commercial St.
Parents: Felice Nardini and Teresa Livi

Bride: Amelia Melchiorri
Age: 19, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Dressmaker
Residence: S.S. Canopic
Parents: Santo Melchiorri and Lucia Melchiorri

Entry: 3688
Date of Marriage: 6 August 1905
Priest: Francis F Sannella, 12 North Square

Groom: Angelo Altavilla
Age: 22, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Driver
Residence: 27 Clark St.
Parents: Francesco Altavilla and Amalia Petrillo

Bride: Giuseppa DiJorio (di Iorio)
Age: 22, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Tailoress
Residence: 33 Harbor View St.
Parents: Carmine di Iorio and Angiolina Addonizio
*Altavilla and Addonizio surnames are common in Pietradefusi.

Entry: 3695
Date of Marriage: 29 July 1905
Priest: Roberto Biasotti, 12 North Square

Groom: Carmine Menichiello
Age: 24, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Chair Maker
Residence: 6 Strong Place, Cambridge
Parents: Michelangelo Menichiello and Antonia Brogna

Bride: Concetta Chirichiello
Age: 17, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Tailoress
Residence: 6 Stong Place, Cambridge
Parents: Antonio Chirichiello and Teresa Fina

Entry: 3701
Date of Marriage: 16 July 1905
Priest: Francis F Sannella, 12 North Square

Groom: Florindo de Cristofaro*
Age: 24, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Barber
Residence: 152 Salem St.
Parents: Raffaele e Cristofaro and Emanuela Ardolino
*Florindo Eduardo de Cristofaro born 28 December 1881 in Torre le Nocelle.

Bride: Sofia de Girolamo
Age: 19, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 152 Salem St.
Parents: Bernard de Girolamo and Arcangela de Luca

Passport Application: Arcangelo Colella (1853)

1907 Passport Application

U.S. Passport Application # 26619
Filed: 19 February 1907 in Brooklyn, Kings County, NY
Issued: 21 February 1907
Name: "Arcangile" (Arcangelo) Colella
Birth: 3 May 1853 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Spouse: Vincenza Di Nunzio
Occupation: Laborer
Current Residence: 279 Park Ave, Brooklyn NY
Emigration: Brittania - Napoli to New York - 23 May 1885
Residence: 1885-1907 in Brooklyn NY
Naturalization: 9 March 1891 in Brooklyn, Kings County, NY

20 September 2010

Massachusetts Birth Record: Andrew Frongillo (1906)

1906 Revere Birth Index Volume: 561 Page: 418 Entry: 90

Entry: 90
Name: Andrew Frongillo
Birth: 4 May 1906
Residence: 9 Mountain Ave., Revere
Father: Andrew Frongillo, marble worker, born in Italy
Mother: Mary D'Ambrosio, born in Italy
Andrea "Andrew" Froncillo and Anna Maria d'Ambrosio were married on 13 May 1886 in Torre le Nocelle.  Weren't they a sweet couple?  Thanks to John D. for sharing the photo with us!

1913 Boston Massachusetts Birth Index

1913 Boston Birth Index - page 263

All the way at the bottom of this page is the birth of  Mary Genevieve Todesca.  Mary belongs to this branch of Todesco's.

Entry: 11834
Name: Mary Genevieve Todesca
Birth: 19 August 1913
Residence: 97 Walworth St.
Father: Alberto Todesca, bottler, born in Italy
Mother: Mary Magee, born in Ireland

19 September 2010

1905 Boston Massachusetts Marriage Index

Saint Leonard's Church, Boston MA

A genealogy trifecta! Think I'll play these numbers in the Lotto this week ;-)  All three of these marriages took place at Saint Leonard's Church in Boston, MA.

1905 Boston Marriage Index - page 50
Entry: 1133
Date of Marriage: 12 March 1905 in Boston MA
Priest: Francesco Liberti, 14 North Bennet St.
Groom: Angelo P Capone
Age: 23, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Residence: Somerville
Occupation: Bootblack
Parents: Pellegrino Capone and Giovanna Magno
Bride: Antonia Bianchino
Age: 22, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Residence: Somerville
Occupation: Dressmaker
Parents Alessandro Bianchino and Generosa Carideo

Entry: 1137
Date of Marriage: 5 March 1905 in Boston MA
Priest: Alphonsus Parziale, 14 North Bennet St.
Groom: Sabino de Rienzo
Age: 20, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Laborer
Residence: 33 Sheafe St.
Parents: Gaetano de Rienzo and Santa Strozziero
Bride: Pasqualina de Cristofaro
Age: 23, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 17 Sheafe St.
Parents: Marzio de Cristofaro and Emilia Froncillo

Entry: 1140
Date of Marriage: 11 March 1905 in Boston
Priest: Gioacchino Maffei, 14 North Bennet St.
Groom: Guglielmo Rotondi
Age: 23, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Laborer
Residence: 67 Prince St.
Parents: Ciriaco Rotondi and Maria Penna
Bride: Maria G. Bevilacqua
Age: 24, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 11 Noyes Place
Parents:Teodoro Bevilacqua and Orsola Bevilacqua

18 September 2010

Research Request: Florindo Todesca (1876)

1876 Birth Act of Florindo Todesca

"Tammy Todesco said:

Hi, Researching roots in Torre Le Nocelle for info going back to before my great grandfather, Florindo Todesco, born July 26, 1876 He came to the United States first to Netcong, NJ. then on to Boston, eventually Franklin, Ma, and then on to Mansfield, Ma. His parents names were Gennaro and Giovanna. We know that he had a brother, Ciriaco, and a sister Carmelina.

My great grandmother, Filomena(Gialla)Todesco came from Montemilleto. Her parenets were Joe Gialla and Pasqualena(Capone).

Hi Tammy,

Up top is the birth act for Florindo Todesca.  He was born 23 July 1876 on Strada Nocelle in Torre le Nocelle to Gennaro Todesca and Giovanna Capone.

Gennaro's family was from Torre le Nocelle.  His parents were Pasquale Angelo Todesca and Angela Rosa Russo. Giovanna Capone's family was from Montemiletto. Her parents were Pasquale Capone and Maria Musto.  Gennaro died on 22 February 1890 and Giovanna went on to marry Generoso d'Ambrosio, also of Torre.

Florindo had four siblings: Carmine (1865-1880), Maria Carmela (1867), Antonia (1868) and Ciriaco (1879.)  Maria Carmela married Raffaele Froncillo of Montemiletto, Antonia married Pasquale d'Ambrosio of Torre and Ciriaco married Maria Cardillo of Torre.

Florindo came to the States about 1898 and on 23 November of that year he married Filomena Ciarla in New York.  Filomena was born circa 1878 in Montemiletto to Giuseppe Ciarla and Pasqualina Capone.  (Pasqualina's EMS manifest)

Shortly after marrying the couple moved to Boston and finally settled in Mansfield MA.  (Most of this next stuff you might already know, but I'll go ahead and post it anyway just in case.)

I managed to find six children for Florindo and Filomena:

1. Giovanna Gaetana (Jennie) Todesca was born 7 August 1899 at 146 Prince St. in Boston.  Below is the Boston Birth Index showing Giovanna on line six.  (And heads-up Miz Jan ... Giuseppe Sessa, son of your Pietro and Concetta Strozziero is just above on line five ;-)

1899 Boston Birth Index

2. Gennaro (James) Todesca born 4 June 1901.
3. Giuseppe (Joseph) Todesca born 25 June 1903.
4. Pasqualina Todesca born 30 September 1905.
5. Adelina (Lillian) Todesca born May 1909.
6. Pellegrina Todesca born circa 1912.

All the children except for Giovanna were born in Franklin and Mansfield MA.  What's classic about Giovanna's birth record is the misspelling of her mothers' surname.  I see this time and time again on the American records.  It's probably one of the most common hurdles to to overcome with regard to online research.

The information on Pasqualina's birth (below - bottom line) was a little bit better with "Chiarlo", but you'll notice they misspelled Florindo's surname as "Todessa".

1905 Boston Birth Index

Next is Florindo's 1917 draft registration card.  It's a bit difficult to read, but his home address is 15 King Street in Mansfield, where he's working as a ferryman... and has switched his birthday to 26 July.

World War I Draft Registration Card

In 1920 the family still shows at 15 King St., however Florindo is now widowed.  That must have been a difficult time for them.  It looks Giovanna stayed home to take care of the the family, while all other available hands went to work.  Florindo is the foreman's helper at a chocolate factory. (Possibly Lowney's ?)  Gennaro was a machinist for a Safe & Die company, Giuseppe worked at a leather factory and Pasqualina worked for a bleachery.  Census image below.

1920 Mansfield MA Census

I'll leave you with an aerial shot of his home on 15 King Street in Mansfield.  Google must have taken this in the summer - everything's nice and green ;-)

~~~ Photo Update ~~~

A big thanks to Janice Todesca for passing along this photo of Filomena and Florindo!

Passport Application: Cosimo Carideo (1893)

Cosimo Carideo 1920

Passport Application #109793
Filed 8 November 1920 in Boston MA
Issued 10 November 1920 in Washington, D.C.
Name: Cosimo Carideo
Birth: 11 July 1893 in Pietradefusi, Italy
Father: Faustino Carideo, born in Italy, residing in Pietradefusi
Emigration: 6 June 1910 from Naples
Residence: Past 10 years in Boston MA
Occupation: Shoemaker
Travel Plans: Immediately to Italy for family business
Witness: Raffaele D. Guarente, undertaker, 29 Chestnut St. Arlington MA
Passport Sent To: Cosimo Carideo, 146 Prince St. Boston MA

1920 U.S. Passport Application

Petition for Naturalization #43976 
Filed 25 September 1919 in Boston MA
Name: Cosimo Carideo
Residence: 146 Prince St. Boston MA
Occupation: Shoemaker
Birth: 11 July 1893 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Canopic - Napoli to Boston - 7 June 1910
Marital: Single
Military Service: U.S. Armed forces from 4 October 1917 to 27 May 1919
Witness: Domenico Galucci, barber, Boston
Witness: Vincenzo Musto, real estate, Boston
Date of Admission: 15 January 1920
Certificate #: 1260406

Petition for Naturalization

17 September 2010

Passport Application: Fortunato di Stefano (1875)

Emergency Passport Applications Issued Abroad #478
Date Filed: 17 August 1905 at the U.S. Embassy in Rome
Date Issued: 21 August 1905
Name: Fortunato di Stefano
Birth: 1 June 1875 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "Burgundia" Naples to Boston - 1 May 1890
Residence: Between 20 May 1890 and 24 June 1905 uninterruptedly in Boston MA
Naturalization: 26 June 1899 - District Court of Boston MA
Permanent Residence: Boston
Occupation: Laborer
Left U.S.: 24 June 1905 on board the Canopic, arriving in Naples on 6 July 1905.  Has been residing in Montemiletto since 8 July 1905 and desires U.S. passport to return home to the States.

16 September 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Florindo Ardolino (1893)

Naturalization Index

Florindo Ardolino was born in Torre le Nocelle on 12 August 1893 to Pasquale Ardolino and Maria Aurelia di Nuzzolo.  He started his new life in the States working as a shoe maker.  By 1917 he was in New York sculpting for the Ardolino Brothers ... a trade he likely picked up from both his maternal and paternal grandfathers - Clamanzio Ardolino and Michele Arcangelo di Nuzzolo - both sculptors.

Unfortunately things didn't turn out so well for our Florindo.  I'm not quite sure what happened, and am trying not to let my imagination take me to places I really don't want to go ... so I'll just present the records and let you come to your own conclusions.

Florindo arrived in Boston on 9 September 1909.  Below is his Romanic manifest.

List: 27
Line: 19
Name: Bevilacqua, Albino
Age: 40
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Wife Palma in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Brother Florindo at 126 Salem St., Boston
Previous Travel: 1896-1907 in Boston

List: 27
Line: 20
Name: Bevilacqua, Agostino
Age: 35
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Wife Ermalinda in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Brother-in-law Sabino Rotondi in Melrose MA
Previous Travel: 1901-1903 in Boston

List: 27
Line: 21
Name: Ardolino, Florindo
Age: 16
Marital: Single
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Mother Aurelia in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Brother Emilio at 3 Snow Hill St. Boston
Previous Travel: No

Romanic - 9 September 1909 List 27

Romanic - 9 September 1909 List 27a

The 1910 census finds him at 3 Snow Hill St. in BostonHe's living with his aunt Dorodea di Nuzzolo and her husband Angelo Michele Vitale. (Angelo was from Grottominarda)

Line 3:  Vitale, Angelo, head, age 50, blacksmith in a stable
Line 4:  Vitale, Dorodea, wife, age 35
Line 5:  Ardolino, Emilio, nephew, age 22, single, carpenter in a factory
Line 6:  Vitale, Giuseppe, son, age 16, telegram messenger
Line 7:  Vitale, Pasquale, son, age 14,  telegram messenger
Line 8:  Vitale, Mario, son, age 7, born in MA
Line 9:  Bianchino, Giovanni, nephew, age 17, single, shoe maker
Line 10:  Ardolino, Florindo, nephew, age 17, single, shoe maker
Line 11:  Ciampa, Paul, boarder, age 30, single, laborer
Line 12:  Mele, Ciriaco, boarder, age 17, single, candy maker in a factory
Line 13:  La Torella, Emilio, age 16, single,  alien, laborer

 1910 Boston Census

His 1917 draft registration card tells us that he's moved to New York and taken up sculpting for the Ardolino Brothers.

Date: 5 June 1917
Board: Manhattan #105
Serial #: 265
Name: "Ardilino", Florindo
Age: 23
Residence: 460 W. 23rd Street, New York City
Birth: 2 August 1893 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Occupation: Sculptor
Employer: Ardolino Brothers at 33rd Street East, New York City
Relative: Sister (no address)
Claims Exemption: Yes - Italian Subject

1917 Draft Registration

1919 Finds him back in Boston, where he is a soldier stationed at Camp Devens applying for U.S. citizenship.

Petition for Naturalization #50828 (or 118?)
Filed: 25 January 1919 in Boston MA
Name: Florindo Ardolino
Residence: Camp Devens, MA & 375 East Lowell St., East Boston MA
Occupation: Solder, stone carver
Birth: 12 August 1893 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: "Romanic" - Napoli to Boston - 7 September 1899
Declaration of Intention: Filed 1 June 1918 in Boston, MA
Marital: Single
Date of Admission: 25 January 1919
Certificate #: 1137640
Note: "Act of May 9, 1918"

 Petition for Naturalization

Oath of Allegiance

Photo of Camp Devens in 1918

For you military buffs, I found a great World War I blog authored by Richard Landers.

It would appear that Florindo started to run into trouble sometime between his discharge and the 1920 census... which leads me to think something happened to him during his military service.  But why was he serving in the military to begin with if he claimed exemption?  Was he drafted anyway?  Or did he decide he enjoyed life in America and wanted to take the quickest route to citizenship?

The 1920 census finds him in state hospital in Central Islip, New York.  

Name: Ardolino, Florindo
Relationship: Inmate
Age: 25
Marital: Single
Emigration: 1902 from Italy, naturalized
Occupation: None

 1920 Census

And by 1930 he is in the neuro-psychiatric ward of the U.S. Veterans Hospital in Huntington, New York.

Line: 71
Name: Ardolino, Florindo
Relationship: Patient
Age: 36
Marital: Single
Emigration: 1909 from Italy
Citizenship: Unknown

1930 Census

From the military collection at Ancestry.com we learn that Florindo died on 1 May 1947 and is buried in the Long Island National Cemetery in New York.

Name: Florindo Ardolino
Birth Date: 12 Aug 1893
Death Date: 1 May 1947
Service Start Date: 26 Jun 1918
Interment Date: 6 May 1947
Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735-1211
Buried At: Section K Site 16677

This information is also confirmed at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Nationwide Gravesite Locator search engine.

Florindo came here to start a new life and, whether he knew it or not at the time he made the decision, he sacrificed his future to to protect our freedom... and for this I will forever be in his debt.  So grazie, zio Florindo.  Hopefully the next life has brought you the peace and happiness that you deserved in this one.