31 December 2011

S.S. California Manifest arriving in New York 13 Jan 1898

Names of Interest:
Line 10: Luisa Frungillo, age 23, single
Line 11: Florida Frungillo, age 26, married
Line 12: Carmine Frungillo, age 1&1/4, single
Travelling from Torre Le Nocelle to Boston
Luisa was going to her brother-in-laws home in Boston, Emilio Bevilacqua
Emilio is the husband of Florinda and father of Carmine

Note 1: Frungillo, Froncillo, Frongillo are interchangeable
Note 2: There were many ships named the SS California. I believe this SS California was actually the SS State of California built in 1891. You can read more about this ship here.
Note 3: Florinda was my 2nd cousin, 3 times removed, her husband Emilio was my 4th cousin, 3 times removed. The were also 4th cousins to each other.

30 December 2011

Florindo Luongo "Old Man's" Draft Registration

World War Two Draft Registration Card
Name: Florindo LuongoAddress: 50 Prince St.
City/State: Boston, Mass.
Age: 54
Place of Birth: Torre Le Nocelle
Date of Birth: Sept. 20, 1887
Name & Address of Person who will always know your address: Mrs. Alfonnsina Luongo
Address: 50 Prince St. Boston
Employer: William Bailey
Address: 88 Broad St. Boston
Place of Employment: S. Boston Dry Docks
Race: White
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray
Complexion: Ruddy
Daye of Registration: April 27, 1942
Local Board: #15, Room 203
193 Hanover St.
Boston, Mass.

29 December 2011

Charles Struzziery

Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts, p.

STRUZZIERY, CHARLES-General Contractor. Born Torre Le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy, April 21, 1892. Came to U.S. in 1910, setting in Boston. Married Francesca Sammartino of Boston, July 20, 1916. Chirldren: Joseph, Charles Jr., Emilia, Anthony and Anna. In business since 1912, beginning in landscaping and masonry work, later in the construction of residential homes, land development, paving, road building etc. Awarded numerous important contracts by city and state of Mass. for roads and highways. Member and past trustee of Roslindale Order Sons of Italy; life member of B.P.O.E. and numerous other organizations. Active in civic and welfare work. One of the few Italians in the state having a city street named after him. Res.: 9 Struzziery Terrace, Roslindale.
Note 1: Birth Record #27: Ciriaco Strozziero was born 21 April 1892 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy to Generoso Strozziero and Maria Amalia Bevilacqua.
Note 2: Struzziery Terrace is not listed any longer on the City of Boston Map. The street name was changed to Lilac Terrace. It runs westerly from 123 Kittridge Street in Roslindale.

City of Boston Dictetory listing from 1939

Current Google May showing 123 Kittredge Street

28 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Andrea di Iorio

#26 Filed 18 Agosto 1860
Name: Andrea di Iorio
Birth: 18 Agosto 1860 ad ore sei
Baptism: 18 Agosto 1860
Father: Angelo di Iorio, 25, contadino, figlio di Lorenzo di Iorio
Mother: Maria Carolina Guarente, 27
Witness: Carmine de Minico, contadino
Witness: Marco Russo, contadino
Sindaco: Pasquale Petriello

Pedigree of Andrea di Iorio

Search Military Records - Fold3

27 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Carmine Lombardi

#25 Filed 22 Luglio 1860
Name: Carmine Lombardi
Birth: 22 Luglio 1860 ad ore sei
Baptism: 22 Luglio 1860
Father: Alessandro Lombardi, 23, contadino, figlio del fu Angelo Lombardi
Mother: Saveria de Minico, 28
Witness: Gennaro di Iorio, contadino
Witness: Gennaro de Carro, contadino
Sindaco: Errico Magno

Pedigree of Carmine Lombardi

Search Military Records - Fold3

26 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Maria Carmela Bevilacqua

#30 Filed 29 Agosto 1860
Name: Maria Carmela Bevilacqua
Birth: 29 Agosto 1860 ad ore sette
Baptism: 29 Agosto 1860
Father: Domenico Bevilacqua, 60, proprietario, figlio del fu Ciriaco Bevilacqua
Mother: Carmina Russo, 40
Witness: Michele Bevilacqua, contadino
Witness: Baldassarre Mazzariello, contadino

Pedigree of Maria Carmela Bevilacqua

25 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Francescantonio Sullo

#29 Filed 28 Agosto 1860
Name: Francescantonio Sullo
Birth: 28 Agosto 1860 ad ore sei
Baptism: 28 Agosto 1860
Father: Emiddio Sullo, 30, contadino, figlio del fu Francesco Sullo
Mother: Marianna de Carro, 28
Witness: Gennaro di Iorio, contadino
Witness: Angelo Bianchino, contadino

Pedigree of Francescantonio Sullo

Angelo Raffaele Garofano, a resident of Mansfield Massachusetts


On July 4, 1888 Angelo Raffaele Garofano was born in Montemiletto. His parents were Carmine Garofano and Maria Teresa Gubitosa. Angelo's brothers were Saverio and Giuseppe. His sister was Antonia.
Garofano Family Tree

The Italian government introduced conscription in 1907, which may have been the impetus for Angelo's service as a cavalryman in the Lancieri di Milano (7).
Angelo Raffaele Garofano, lancieri di Milano (7)

When Angelo registered for the draft in the United States during World War I he reported his Italian military service as a soldier in the cavalry for twenty months.
Draft Registration, World War I

Leaving his wife Maria (Musto), sister of Angelo Beniamino Musto, and young daughter Teresa behind in Montemiletto, Angelo sailed from Naples on April 10, 1912 on the S.S. Canopic.
S.S. Canopic Passenger List, see line 5

He arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on April 23.
Certificate of Arrival

Sometime prior to the 1920 Census, Angelo and Maria purchased a home on Pratt Street in Mansfield, Massachusetts, where they raised their daughter Teresa and four more children who were born in Mansfield.

Angelo Garofano passed away on September 27, 1955 as reported in a September 29th obituary in the Boston Globe (pg. 34):
GAROFANO - Of Mansfield, Sept 27,
Angelo R., beloved husband of Mary
(Musto) and devoted father of Carl,
Theresa, Louise, Lena, and Angelina.
Funeral from his home, 140 Pratt
st., Friday at 8:15 a. m. Solemn
High Mass of Requiem in St. Mary's
Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and
friends kindly invited.

A Historical Note?
Lancieri di Milano (7) could be translated into English as the 7th Cavalry Regiment. Some may recall that the U.S. 7th Cavalry regiment under the command of George Armstrong Custer had a small problem at the Little Big Horn.
Custer's Last Stand Reenactment
Western Romance Company Billings, MT, USA

24 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Teodora Russo

#28 Filed 21 Agosto 1860
Name: Teodora Russo
Birth: 21 Agosto 1860 ad ore sette
Baptism: 21 Agosto 1860
Father: Ciriaco Russo, 30, proprietario, figlio del fu Fortunato Russo
Mother: Assunta Ucci, 32
Witness: Domenico de Angelis, contadino
Witness: Felice Russo, contadino

Pedigree of Teodora Russo

23 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Euralia Vozella

#27 Filed 20 Agosto 1860
Name: Euralia Vozella
Birth: 20 Agosto 1860 ad ore sette
Baptism: 20 Agosto 1860
Father: Ciriaco Vozella, 36, fabbro, figlio del fu Michelangelo Vozella
Mother: Angela de Angelis, 35
Witness: Ludovico Froncillo, falegname
Witness: Teodoro Vozella, ferraio

Pedigree of Euralia Vozella

22 December 2011

Carmine Domenico Vozella

Leading Americans of Italian Descent, p. 826

Vozzella, Domenic - Contractor. Born Torre Le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy, April 21, 1888. Son of John Vozzella and Pasqualina Todesca. Attended public schools in his native town. Came to U.S. in 1905 settling in Roslindale. In contracting business since 1911. Married Allessandra Dello Iacono of his native town, Nov. 2, 1913. Children: Lena, married Salvatore Pucci; Josephine married to Charles Todesco; John, attended Wentworth Institute, is in U.S. Navy; Carmine, graduate of Bentley School of Accounting and Finance, is in the U.S. Army overseas, where he has been awarded the purple heart, married to Catherine Maroony; Edward, is in U.S. Army; Charles. All are graduates of Ros;indale High School; and Alfred is a student. Mr. Vozzella is a member of Order Sons of Italy since 1922; Order of Foresters; and Circolo Operario Torrese. Active in civic affairs. His father came to U.S. in 1896 settling in Roslindale. Had following children: Domenic, Joseph, Arminio, Antonetta and Federico. Res: 34 Averton St., Roslindale.
Birth: Carmine Demenico Vozella, Torre Le Nocelle birth record #26 from 1888
Birth: Alessandra dello Iacono, Torre Le Nocelle birth record #59 from 1892

Boston Marriage Index of Carmine & Alessandra, 1913, p.289, entry 6637

Name: Carmine D. Vozzella
Event: Marriage
Event Date: 02 Nov 1913
Event Place: Boston, , Massachusetts
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Address: 140 Dudley Avenue
Occupation: Laborer

Birth Date: 1888
Birthplace: , , Italy
Marriage Registration Place: Boston, , Massachusetts
Estimated Birth Year: 1888
Father: Giovanni Vozzella
Mother: Pasqualina Tedeschi
Spouse: Alessandra Dello Iacono
Age: 21
Address: 24 Sheafe Street
Occupation: Housekeeper

Spouse's Father: Giuseppe Dello Iacono
Spouse's Mother: Maria De Minico
Officiated by: Francis Palombizio, priest

Collection: Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915

21 December 2011

Martino Di Matteo: Leading American of Italian Descent

Leading Americans of Italian Descent, p. 278

Di Matteo, Martino - General Contractor. Born San Martino, Sannito, Benevento, Italy, Feb. 11, 1880. Came to America in 1901 setting in Boston, where he has been in the general contracting business since 1908. Outstanding in the field or road construction and state bridges throughout the state. Lays and mixes asphalt. Married Stella Todesca of Torre Le Nocelle, Avellino, Feb. 11, 1905. Children: Millie (Sardello), John, Pasqualina and Martino all of whom are engaged with their father in business. Member: American Citizens's Club and Sons of Italy in America. Fond of hunting, traveling and music. Office: 71 Broadville Parkway, Milltown. Res. 55 Stella Road, Roslindale.

Stella Todesca was born in 1886, birth record # 62 from 1886.

20 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Angelo Michele Tirone

#24 Filed 20 Luglio 1860
Name: Angelo Michele Tirone
Birth: 20 Luglio 1860 ad ore sette
Baptism: 20 Luglio 1860
Father: Nicola Tirone, 26, sartore, figlio del fu Gaetano Tirone
Mother: Caterina de Angelis, 22
Witness: Antonio Serino, contadino
Witness: Pasquale d'Ambrosio, contadino

Pedigree of Angelo Michele Tirone

19 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Carmela de Angelis

#23 Filed 15 Luglio 1860
Name: Carmela de Angelis
Birth: 15 Luglio 1860 ad ore otto
Baptism: 15 Luglio 1860
Father: Giovanni de Angelis, 36, contadino, figlio del fu Pasquale de Angelis
Mother: Orsola Cefalo, 30
Witness: Domenico Cefalo, contadino
Witness: Domenico Napolitano, contadino

Pedigree of Carmela de Angelis

18 December 2011

1860 Torre le Nocelle Birth - Carmine de Angelis

Pedigree of Carmine de Angelis

#22 Filed 2 Luglio 1860
Name: Carmine de Angelis
Birth: 1 Luglio 1860 ad ore ventidue
Baptism: 2 Luglio 1860
Father: Gennaro de Angelis, 30, contadino, figlio di Paolo de Angelis
Mother: Carmela Luongo, 25
Witness: Pietro de Angelis, contadino
Witness: Lorenzo de Angelis, contadino

16 December 2011

George Washington Frongillo 1888-1961

Images Courtesy of the Munson-Frongillo Family

George Washington Frongillo was born 22 Feb 1888 in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Luigi Frongillo and Maria Antonia (Antonetta) Gubitosa. They had emigrated to Boston in 1879 from Taurasi, Avellino, Campania, Italy.
George married Maria (Mary) Lombardi on 17 Aug 1917 in Revere, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA. She was born in Torre Le Nocelle on 10 Oct 1893, birth record #48 from 1893, the daughter of Ciriaco Lombardi and Litzia Ardolino.
As his father Luigi, George was a tailor. His father owned a tailor shop in Boston on Court Street for many years.

15 December 2011

Luigi Frongillo 1856-1934

Courtesy of the Munson-Frongillo Family

Luigi was a tailor on Court Street, Boston
His name appears on the following:
Witness 2 for the Petition for Naturalization of Gabriel Giarla on 7 Sep 1909
Witness 1 for the Petition for Naturalization of Anthony Lento on 13 Mar 1922
Witness 1 for the Petition for Naturalization of Michele Spagnnolo on 9 Jul 1927

13 December 2011

WW-1 Draft Registration

WW-II Old Man's Draft Registration:

WW-II Registration:
Name: George W. Frongillo
Address: 98 Perkins Street, Jamaca Plain, Massachusetts
Age: 54
Born: Feb. 22, 1888, Boston, Massachusetts, Natural born citizen
Occupation: Tailor
Who will always know your address: Mary Frongillo
Address: 98 Perkins Street, Jamaca Plain, Massachusetts
Employer: E. O. Bartels Co.
Address: 35 Cornhill St. Boston, Massachusetts
WW-1 Registration
Name: George W. Frongillo
Address: 4 Webster Place, Boston, Massachusetts
Born: Feb. 22, 1889, Boston, Massachusetts, Natural born citizen
Occupation: Tailor
Employer: E. O. Bartels
Address: 32 Cornhill St. Boston, Massachusetts
Height: Tall
Build: Slender
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

11 December 2011

Religious Statue Unveiled

New York Tribune: 6 Oct 1919, p.9

Updated:A statue of the Blessed Virgin and Child, pronounced by connoisseurs to be the most artistic sculpture of the subject in America, was unveiled yesterday afternoon in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Vincent Ferrer, Sixty sixth Street and Lexington Avenue.
The statue if of alabaster and onyx marble, greater than life size, and was donated by a parishioner who does not wish his identity disclosed.  Lee O. Lawrie was the sculptor.
The Very Rev. J.R. Hefferman, 0. P., pastor of St. Vincent Ferrer's, chose three little girl pupils of his parochial school, daughters of the poorest families in the parish to unveil the figure. The Rt. Rev. John T. McNicholas, Dominican Bishop of Duluth, blessed the statue. The Rev. J. B. O'Connor preached the sermon. Ardolino Brothers did the carving on the statue. A solid silver crown set with jewels surmounts the figure of the Virgin. It cost $2,500.

10 December 2011

Saverio Esterino Ardolino 1896-1896

 City of Boston Birth Index: Vol. 459 p. 137 Entry: 6137

City of Boston Death Index: p. 444 Entry: 9766

Birth:Name: Saverio Esterino Ardolino
Date: August 15, 1896
Sex and Condition: Male, White
Place of Birth: 26 N. Bennett Ave.Parents: Federico and Teresima
Residence of Parents: Boston
Occupation of Father: Laborer
Place of Father's Birth: Italy
Place of Mother's Birth: Italy

Death:Name: Saverino Ardolino
Date: October 27, 1896
Sex and Condition: Male, Single
Age: 2 months, 15 days
Cause: Pneumonia
Place of Death: 26 N. Bennett Ave.
Place of Birth: Boston
Father: Federico, born in Italy
Mother: Teresa DelMastro

Father was Federico Alfredo Ardolino
Born: 14 Aug 1872, Torre Le Nocelle, Italy
Birth Record #41 of 1872

09 December 2011

Christmas at Disney

Being Florida residents and annual passholders for Disney World, my wife and I often go for a day of fun and relaxation. We usually go when they are having a special event such as the Flower Festival, Wine Tasting, Halloween, and Christmas to name a few. I also have done some genealogy there; have you ever seen the genealogy of Donald Duck? That's for another time... Yesterday we went to see the Christmas trees and decorations at Epcot and Hollywood Studios and I'd like to share a couple of pictures that I took. The pictures I take I often put to annimation and music. You can view this years Flower Festival here.

Tree at Hollywood Studios
Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios
6 million dancing lights

Tree at Epcot

08 December 2011

Another Ardolino Brothers Work:

Architecture and building, Volume 46: p. 481

Residence of Mr. Henry C. Frick
b. Dec. 19, 1849, West Overton, Pa., U.S. - d. Dec. 2, 1919, New York, N.Y.
U.S. industrialist: He was instrumental in the formation of the U.S. Steel Corp.

Address: 70th St. and 5th Ave. NY
Thomas Hastings, Architect
Builders: Cauldwell Wingate Co.
Metal Doors and Trim: Interior Metal Mfg. Co.
Cement Walks and Floors: Harrison & Meyer
Carved Stone: Ardolino Brothers
C.S. Norton’s “Royal Blue” Bedford Indiana Lime Stone furnished by Arlando Marine
Laundry Equipment: The Hill-Canton Dryer Co.

06 December 2011

Fire at Salvatore Pizzano's Shop

Annual Report, City of Chelsea, Massachusetts 1918, p.118 & 119

Salvatore Pizzano Building Fire:
Date: 18 Feb 1918
Time: 2:15 p.m.
How as alarm received by Fire Dept.: Fire Alarm Box 26 was sounded by passerby
Location of FA Box: Vale and Locust Streets
Class of Building: Factory
Owner: Salvatore Pizzano
Occupant: Salvatore Pizzano
Value of Building: $1000.00
Insurance on Building: None
Loss on Building: $150.00
Value of Contents: $4000.00
Insurance on Contents: None
Loss on Contents: $300.00
Cause: Overheated Stove

05 December 2011

Lifestyle and Longevity: Tradition and Timelessness

Submitted by Carole:
     I am a person proud to trace my maternal heritage to the adjoining villages of Torre le Nocelle and Montemiletto, Avellino and in recent years have been following up on many immigrants from these villages who settled in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts.
     After recording perhaps a hundred obituaries for Campanesi and their descendants who located in this area, it became apparent to me that MANY of them were blessed with exceptionally long lives, even after they came here.
     One day, at my local library, a book prominently displayed caught my eye. Immediately, I wondered “is that place anywhere near where my people came from? It turns out that while in another Province, it is very close to the land where many of our forebears made their homes.
     This remarkable book is called: A Year in the Village of Eternity by Tracey Lawson (2011, Bloomsbury USA, NY). Sub-titled A Lifestyle of Longevity in Campodimele, Italy, this is a memoir, cultural history, cookbook and all-around fascinating account of the author's lengthy visit to a place where the average lifespan for both men and women is currently 95 years. The Italian average, it is reported, is 77.5 for men and 83.5 for women, so clearly there's something unusual going on here.
     Indeed, the World Health Organization has investigated this remarkable locale, where scientists have found unusually low blood pressure and cholesterol levels across several generations.
     Located in the Province of Latina in the Lazio region, midway between Rome and Naples on the Tyrrhenian Sea, the commune's name derives from campus mellis, or field of honey. This, the author says, “is the region which cultivated the bees that brought honey to the tables of the Roman Empire.”
     But it's the tables of today that fascinate this writer: her premise is that local residents live well and long due to their diet and lifestyle habits. “In Campodimele,” she writes, “the seasons and the bounty of the land dictate the food on the table, and each month brings its own traditions of harvesting and foraging, cooking and preserving.”
     The emphasis is on food locally grown with no chemicals, harvested at the peak of perfection, simply prepared and eaten fresh. Food preservation, an important feature in the year-long cycle, is done in the most natural of ways possible.
      The villagers welcomed the author into their midst, sharing recipes handed down from generation to generation; more than 100 are recounted (with some small modern adaptations) in pages illustrated with gorgeous color photographs of food, communal gathering and preparation, local vistas and people in their 70s and 80s living vital, active lives.
     The chapters are divided into twelve months, each focusing on seasonal bounty and traditional (and often multi-generational) means of cooking and preserving.
In these pages, it seems “one can learn secrets not only of living longer, but of living every moment to the fullest.”

03 December 2011

Free ancestry.com collection available

The following announcement was written by Ancestry.com:
The Collection includes the most comprehensive set of WWII Navy Muster Rolls ever released online and exclusive Pearl Harbor veteran records

– (December 2, 2011) – In remembrance of the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which marked the United States’ entrance into World War II, Ancestry.com (Nasdaq: ACOM), the world’s largest online family history resource, today announced it is offering six days (December 2-7) of free access to its entire World War II Collection. One in five Americans is a direct descendant of a WWII veteran, with four out of five having a WWII veteran in their families, according to research done by Ancestry.com[1]. The Pearl Harbor attack spurred millions of Americans into military action. By the end of the war, nearly 16 million Americans had served in the U.S. Armed Forces - more than a quarter in the U.S. Navy.
Highlighting the World War II Collection is the release of the World War II Navy Muster Rolls (1939-1949), which includes more than 33 million records detailing nearly all enlisted personnel who served aboard a U.S. Navy ship between January 1939 and January 1949, including more than 2,400 Americans who were killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Muster Rolls provided quarterly reports of personnel assigned to a ship, duty station or other activity. These reports noted sailors who experienced significant changes in status, such as promotions, transfers, leave or time in the infirmary. In addition to all enlisted men, the Navy Muster Rolls also include selected officers, female officers of the Army and Navy Nurse Corps, wives and daughters of Navy personnel and civilians. Nearly anyone searching for a family member who was enlisted in the Navy during this time period should be able to find their records in this collection. These new U.S. Navy Muster Rolls and the entire World War II collections can be found at www.ancestry.com/pearlharbor.

02 December 2011

DNA Testing

DNA Tests Available Through Archives.com for the First Time Providing Access to the World’s Largest Genetic Genealogy Database

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 22, 2011 -- Archives.com, a website devoted to making family history simple and affordable, announces another exciting way users can explore their family heritage. Archives.com has partnered with Family Tree DNA , the world leader in genetic genealogy, to enable users to purchase DNA tests through its website for the first time. These are being offered at up to 30 percent off the regular price for a limited time. Archives recognizes that DNA testing plays a critical role in family history research, and is glad to offer a simple, convenient way for  users to get started with genetic genealogy.

The growing field of genetic genealogy utilizes science to tell us more about our ancestors, and maternal and paternal lineages. Family Tree DNA can help researchers to verify known connections or uncover previously unknown ethnic ties with the world’s largest genetic genealogy database of over 350 thousand records, several times larger than the nearest competitor. Archives.com now offers three types of DNA tests: the Y-chromosome DNA test to trace paternal lines and surname matches; the mitochondrial DNA test to determine maternal line matches; and the Family Finder test kit, which tests autosomal DNA to reveal ethnic percentages and trace genes across maternal and paternal lines.

Archives Director of Product Joe Godfrey commented, “Genetic genealogy is an extremely exciting field. We’ve been interested in integrating DNA testing into Archives.com for some time, and I’m glad we are working with Family Tree DNA, the world’s largest genetic genealogy database, to make this happen. This initial integration will give users the ability to find historical records and start exploring their genetic genealogy all in one place. In the future, we intend to provide users with more robust tools and resources that will enhance the experience even further.”

Family Tree DNA VP of Operations Max Blankfeld noted, “We are thrilled to partner with Archives.com, a website we know will play an important role in the future of online family history research. Archives.com provides a genuine alternative to the more expensive websites out there. Easy access to DNA testing will allow Archives.com users to explore this important facet of genealogy research.”

Archives looks forward to collaborating closely with Family Tree DNA , the community, and project managers, to provide the best integrated experience between the two websites possible. Also Archives encourages people to take advantage of the limited time discount on DNA tests found on Archives.com.

01 December 2011

Angelo Beniamino Musto of Mansfield Massachusetts

Angelo Beniamino Musto was born on September 24, 1894 in Montemiletto to Angelo Musto and Luisa Capobianca. His siblings were Gaetana, Gennaro, Angelina, Carmine, Pasqualina, and Maria (who married Angelo Raffaele Garofano).
Musto Family Tree

Angelo immigrated to the United States, leaving Naples on April 20, 1910 aboard the S.S.Sannio and arriving in Boston on May 6.
S.S. Sannio Passenger List

On June 5, 1917, Angelo registered as a resident alien with Selective Service in the first World War I Draft.  He was then living on North Main Street in Mansfield, Massachusetts.
Angelo B. Musto Draft Card, World War I

By 1918, Angelo was a private in the U.S. Army serving with the 326th Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Infantry Division in France.
Private Angelo B. Musto

Angelo died in France on October 15, 1918 and was buried in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in Romagne, France, Plot A Row 3 Grave 28.

Angelo B. Musto, grave marker

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France