28 February 2012

1860 Torre le Nocelle Death - The Murder of Baldassarre Rotondi

Pedigree of Baldassarre Rotondi

#25 Filed 7 Settembre 1860
Name: Don Baldassarre Rotondi, 43, proprietario, figlio dei furono Don Errico Rotondi e Donna Rosa Colletti, proprietari
Death: 7 Settembre 1860 ad ore diciannove
Declarant: Gennaro de Minico, 66, scalpellino
Declarant: Giovanni Antonio Strollo, 40, sartore
Sindaco: Pasquale Petriello

Baldassarre died of a gunshot wound, but since his killer shot him from afar his murder remains unknown.  The following three mutilated the dead body of Don Baldassarre Rotondi:

Carmine Gianchini (probably Bianchino) of the deceased Giuseppe – opens him with hatchet blows to the belly

Nicola Rosato of the deceased Michele – stabs him with a pitchfork. (Nicola was born circa 1821 in Fontanarosa and was married to levatrice Fortunata Guarciariello.  After Fortunata's death he married Maria Carmina Bianchino, sister of the above accomplice, Carmine.)

Pasquale Laragione – slices him with a knife and robs money from his body. (No further info on Pasquale, nor does the Laragione surname show in Torre.)

Giuseppe, Costantino and Tommaso Carideo later went to Baldassarre's home and attacked his wife Raffaella dello Iacono.


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