31 May 2011

Passport Application: Charles De Minico (1879)

Charles De Minico circa 1919

Passport Application #78721
Filed: 2 April 1919 in Boston, MA
Name: Charles De Minico
Birth: 17 February 1879 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Emigration: 20 April 1892 from Naples
Residence: 1892-1919 in Milford and Boston, MA and Cincinnati and Portsmouth, OH
Permanent Residence: 39 Joy Street, Boston, MA
Occupation: Shoe Machinery Expert
Naturalization: Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
Reason For Travel: To France to superintend shoe factories.

 Passport Application

30 May 2011

Memorial Day

"U.S. Military cemetery at Avellino, Italy, 14 miles east of Caserta."

From the World War II U.S. Airforce photo collection on Footnote.

Also, while searching for the address of this cemetery I came across a great site - "In Ricordo" - that lists cemetery photos from all areas of Italy. Here's a link to those in the comune of Avellino.

29 May 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Carlo Lepore (1879)

 Naturalization Index

Petition For Naturalization #57252
Filed: 25 February 1921 in Boston, MA
Name: Carlo Lepore
Residence: 44 Stearns Street, Cambridge, MA
Occupation: Laborer
Birth: 5 November 1879 in Montemiletto, Italy
Emigration: "Canopic" - Napoli to Boston - 13 March 1903
Declaration of Intention: #60571 Filed 18 April 1917 in Boston

Wife: Rosa, born 7 August 1879 in Italy, resides in Cambridge
Children: (All reside in Cambridge)
1. Antonio, born 15 August 1908 in Cambridge
2. John, born 6 September 1910 in Boston
3. Maria, born 23 March 1913 in Cambridge

Witness: Raffaele D. Guarente, undertaker, Arlington
Witness: Edward A. Counihan Jr., lawyer, Cambridge

Date of Admission: 21 November 1921
Certificate #: 1594680

Naturalization Petition

28 May 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Ciriaco De Virgilio (1889)

 Naturalization Index

They say the third time is the charm.  Ciriaco's first petition was denied for lack of prosecution and his second for Class VF Draft.

Petition for Naturalization # 61621
Filed: 27 December 1921 in Boston, MA
Name: Ciriaco De Virgilio
Residence: 15 Firth Street, Roslindale, Boston, MA
Occupation: Auto Mechanic
Birth: 13 June 1889 in Montemiletto, Italy
Marital: Single
Emigration: "Canopic" - Napoli to Boston - 25 June 1906
Declaration of Intention: #89506 Filed 18 January 1919 in Boston
Previous Petition: #4099 Filed 9 January 1911 in Boston, denied for lack of prosecution

Witness: John De Virgilio, auto mechanic, Roslindale, Boston
Witness: Joseph De Virgilio, chauffeur, Roslindale, Boston

Date of Denial: 20 November 1922
Reason: Class VF Draft

Denied Naturalization Petition

He finally became a citizen in 1931. (Index photo is up in the header.)

Naturalization Index #3480926
Name: Ciriaco De Virgilio
Residence: 15 Firth Road, Roslindale, Boston, MA
Age: 42
Date of Admission: 27 July 1931 in Boston
Petition #: 131423

27 May 2011

Now I'm Really Curious ...

Furst Bismarck - List 19

Four unsuccessful attempts to leave the country in a two year time span?   Did one of the children fall ill and hold up the family?  Were there passport issues? I smell a mini mystery ...

Furst Bismarck - Napoli to New York - 19 November 1901
List: 19
Line: 12
Name: Rotondi, Gennaro
Age: 50
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Guardia Lombardi
Destination: New York
Note: Did not make passage

Line 13: Rotondi, Filomena, wife, age 48
Line 14: Rotondi, Cesare, son, age 8
Line 15: Rotondi, Adelina, daughter, age 6
Line 16: Rotondi, Alfredo, son, age 4
Piemonte - Napoli to New York - 9 April 1903
List: K
Line: 8
Name: Rotondi, Gennaro
Age: 50
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Guardia Lombardi
Note: Appears to have not made passage

Line 9: Rotondi, Filomena, wife, age 48
Line 10: Rotondi, Cesare, son, age 8
Line 11: Rotondi, Alfredo, son, age 4
Line 12: Rotondi, Adelina, daughter, age 6
Piemonte - List K

26 May 2011

Ship Manifest: Washington - Palermo to New York 22 March 1903

List P16

Okay.  So now I'm a little bit curious.  Why did Gennaro seem to be having such a hard time leaving the country?  What was the family doing in Palermo?  Naples was much closer ...

List: P16
Line: 7
Name: Rotondi, Gennaro
Age: 50
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Guardia Lombardi
Destination: Nephew Giovanni di Cristo* at 13 Margaret Street, Boston
Note: Line crossed out, did not make passage

Line 8: Rotondi, Filomena, wife, age 48
Line 9: Rotondi, Cesare, son, age 8
Line 10: Rotondi, Alfredo, son, age 4
Line 11: Rotondi, Adelina, daughter, age 6

*This was probably Giovanni de Cristofaro born 1875 in Torre to Modestino and Emilia Ardolino - nephew of Filomena di Iorio-Rotondi.

25 May 2011

Ship Manifest: Neustria - Napoli to New York - 7 December 1901

 Guardia Lombardi, Avellino, Italia

 Neustria - Napoli to New York 
7 December 1901

Gennaro might have been living in Guardia Lombardi when he made travel arrangements, but he was born in Torre :-)   Gennaro was a pharmacist who served as Sindaco of Torre during the years 1883-1884.

List: 4
Line: 3
Name: Rotondi, Gennaro
Age: 50
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Guardia Lombardi
Destination: New York
Previous Travel: No
Note: Family is crossed out, did not make passage

Line 4: Rotondi, Filomena, wife, age 48
Line 5: Rotondi, Cesare, son, age 8
Line 6: Rotondi, Alfredo, son, age 4
Line 7: Rotondi, Adelina, daughter, age 6

Neustria - List Four

Pedigree of Cesare Rotondi, son of Gennaro.

24 May 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Carmine de Cristofaro (1881)

 Naturalization Index

Petition For  Naturalization #23453
Filed: 7 February 1917 in Philadelphia, PA
Name: Carmine de Cristofaro
Residence: 1236 Adams Avenue, Frankford, Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Stonecutter
Birth: 18 October 1881 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy (Carmine was actually born on 23 October.)
Emigration: "Princess Irene" - Napoli to New York - 29 March 1904
Declaration of Intention: #12202 Filed 8 April 1912 in Philadelphia, PA

Wife: Concetta, 27 years (crossed out and replaced with "dead")
Children: All born and live in Philadelphia
1. Marion born 16 April 1911
2. Margarita born 14 July 1912
3. Eugenio born 23 April 1914

Witness: Antonio Martino, barber, 1314 Unity Street, Philadelphia, PA
Witness: Joseph Deni, bottler, 1308 Unity Street, Philadelphia, PA
Date of Admission: 24 May 1917
Certificate of Naturalization #: 768083

Petition For Naturalization

Pedigree of Carmine Leopoldo de Cristofaro

 Thank you to cugina Mary Beth for sharing this awesome photo with us.  This was taken at the wedding of Mary de Cristofaro-Lombardi, daughter of Carmine. Carmine is on the far right.

Ship Manifest: Sannio - Napoli to Boston - 6 May 1910

Sannio - Napoli to Boston 
6 May 1910

List: 24
Line: 16
Name: Cardillo, Domenico
Age: 41
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Sister Marianna in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Wife Carmela at 6 "Arch" (Hart) Street, Wakefield, MA
Previous Travel: 1899-1910 in MA

List: 24
Line: 17
Name: Cardillo, Angelo
Age: 13
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Previous Travel: No
Note: Son of Domenico Cardillo

List 24

List 24-2

23 May 2011

Rosemary Brook Farm, Needham, MA

664 Central Avenue, Needham, MA

Rosemary Brook Farm was established in 1915 by my great-grandfather Antonio Cefalo.  Antonio was born in Pietradefusi on 6 August 1875.  Family lore states he was a short, red-headed dictator with a hot temper.  

It is said that on his third trip to the States (in 1905) he became so angry with his older half-sister that he left New York on foot and, by the time he cooled off, found himself in Massachusetts ... where he stayed put.  Naturally, no one remembers what the fight was about.

I never had the chance to meet Antonio - he died in 1931 from an aortic aneurysm - but often find myself wondering if we would have liked one another.  I'm not much of a dictator, but did inherit his fiery temper, so who knows ... maybe our personalities would have clashed.

Antonio married Maria Pasqualina de Carro in Torre le Nocelle on 4 April 1901.  Maria Pasqualina was born in Torre on 19 December 1879.  The photo below was probably taken shortly after their marriage.

Antonio's paternal line is based in Pietradefusi, but I've traced his maternal line (and both of Maria Pasqualina's lines) back to the early 1600's in Torre.  Pedigree charts are below.  As you can see I still need to do quite a bit of research on my Pietradefusi ancestors.  One of these days I'll get around to it, but Torre has a death grip on my heart and at the moment I have no desire to research any another comune.

Pedigree of Antonio Cefalo

Pedigree of Geltrude di Nuzzolo - Antonio's mother

Pedigree of Maria Pasqualina de Carro

Pedigree of Gennaro de Carro - great great-grandfather of Maria Pasqualina

Hokay, back to the farm.  The farmhouse and  22 acres of land were purchased circa 1915.  The header photo shows the original farmhouse with the gray barn still out back.  (Antonio's will values the land at $6000 back in 1931... today that wouldn't even cover the down payment.) 

Antonio and Pasqualina had seven children (actually eight, but one boy died in infancy) and all worked the farm alongside their parents.  The older boys worked the land and the girls ran the farm stand out front.  Below is a photo of my cousin Bill.  I'm not sure who the gentleman in the background is, but the land behind him belonged to the farm.

Handsome devil, isn't he?

Next is the farm stand.  Marilyn, the girl on the left, was hired to help out at the stand ... and fell madly in love with Bill.  They're still married :-)

Here's the old farm truck with my great-uncle Giuseppe at the wheel.  The little boy honking the horn is his oldest son Antonio.

This last shot shows Maria Pasqualina in the field with her oldest son Giuseppe (the same one that's driving the truck) and Giuseppe's daughter Lena.  This was probably taken circa 1935.

Each child, once married, was given a piece of land adjacent to the farmhouse to build their own home. Eventually the older boys grew tired of the hard labor that comes with farm life and ventured into the contracting / construction business. The farm was broken up into lots, developed and sold.  

Here's a Google map image of what the area looks like today. The blue dot is the farmhouse.  The yellow dot is my cousin Antonio's home (the little boy honking the horn on the truck) and the red dot is the Vietnam Memorial that Antonio built in the cul-de-sac in front of his house.  Just above the red dot you can see Cefalo Road ...

... yep, that's us ;-)

If you should find yourself in the general vicinity, stop in and see Antonio ... he'll make you a nice lunch and entertain you with stories of the old farm.  

Here's a shot of the Vietnam memorial with his house in the background. 

22 May 2011

Pirone Family From Pietradefusi

A month or so ago I was contacted by Mr. Will Perone regarding the Pirone family of Pietradefusi. Unfortunately I was unable to assist him, but suggested he visit his local Family History Center ... which he did ... and he's graciously shared with us some of his results.  Thanks so much, Will :-)

These are from the Pietradefusi Stato Civile records.  Items in parentheses are things I'm guessing at as I haven't seen the actual records myself.

1812 Birth Act #34
Angiolo Raffaele Pirone to Francesco Pirone and Colomba Pecorino

1841 Death Act #5
Pasquale Pirone, age 70, bracciale, nato in Avellino, marito di Concetta Carlino, figlio del fu Ciriaco Pirone e Giorgia Troiso (Troisi)

1842 Death Act #66
Corlanza Pirone, di anni tre, figlio di Raffaele Pirone e Luigia Gandola (perhaps Iandola)

1842 Death Act #11
Francesco Pirone, 80, proprietario, vedovo della fu Colomba Guarino, figlio di Pasquale Pirone e Fortunata Pasucci (Pascucci)

1842 Death Act #35
Giuseppe Massamino Pirone, di mesi tre, figlio di Raffaele Pirone e Luigia / Luisa Gandola (Iandola), contadini

1843 Death Act #39
Giuseppe Pirone, di anni due, figlio di Salvatore Pirone, civile e Carolina Gandola (Iandola)

1843 Death Act #74
Emiliazo? Enidoso? Pirone, 42, proprietario, figlio di Francesco Pirone e Colomba Guarino

1845 Death Index
Giuseppe Pisnone? (Pirone), age 6 or 10

1845 Death Act #70
Carolina Pirone, age 28?, moglie di Giovanni Pascucci, figlia di Generoso Pirone e Rosa Petrillo, proprietari

1852 Death Act #70
Don Pionezio (Dionizio) Pirone, 82, proprietario, nato in Pietradefusi, figlio del fu (Generoso) Pirone e (illegible) Petrillo

1853 Death Act #27
Carlo Luigi Pirone, di anni due, figlio di Vincenzo e Livia (Lucia) Laurio?

1853 Death Act #29
Emanuele Pirone, di anni tre, figlio di Vincenzo e Livia (Lucia) Laurio?

1854 Death Act #56
Giuseppe Pirone, di anni cinque

1854 Death Act #87
Antonio da Piarona?, 40, contadino, figlio di Domenico

1860 Death Act #20
Don Genezaco (Generoso) Pirone, 56, proprietario,  marito di Rosa Petrillo, figlio di Francesco Pirone e Colomba Guarino

1861 Death Act #35
Giuseppa Pirone, figlia di Don Vincenzo Pirone e Livia (Lucia) di Lario?

Her Three Sons

A native of Torre le Nocelle (born April 12, 1887), Pasqualina Penna had been living in Campanarello, Pietradefusi since December 8, 1913 with her three sons; Giorgio(George), Achille Ciriaco, and Guglielmo Antonio Giovanni (William) when she applied for a U.S. passport at the American Consulate in Naples on July 1, 1916, submitting the photo of herself and her three children.

Actually, she had been living with her two elder sons until Guglielmo was born in Pietradefusi on February 5, 1914.

Pasqualina had arrived in Naples December 7, 1913 on the Romanic with Giorgio and Achille.

Prior to arriving in Naples, Pasqualina and the boys had lived in Winchester, Massachusetts for about four years with their husband and father, Sebastiano Penna. Sebastiano was born in Torre le Nocelle on April 6, 1883.

Both Giorgio (June 9, 1910) and Achille (March 27, 1912) were born in Winchester. Their birth records show Penna as their mother's maiden name as well as her married name.

In support of her passport application, Pasqualina submitted the following identification documents:

  • A certificate of naturalization of husband Sebastiano Penna, issued by the Fourth District Court of Eastern Middlesex, at Woburn, Mass on October 3, 1904.
  • A copy of the birth certificate of 3 minor children as follows:
    • George, born 9th June 1910 (from the register of Baptisms, Parish of Winchester, Mass.).
    • Achille Ciriaco, born 27th March 1912, (from the Register of Baptisms, Parish of Winchester, Mass).
    • Guglielmo Antonio Giovanni Penna, born at Pietradifusa 5th February 1914 (from the register of vital records, Comune of Pietradifusa, issued 15 Jun 1916).
  • A certificate of identification from the Mayor of Pietradefusi of Pasqualina Penna issued June 26, 1916.

Pasqualina and the boys left Naples October 2, 1917 aboard the Cretic, arriving in Boston on October 26, 1917 and proceeded to join Sebastiano in Winchester at 38 Florence Street.

At the time of the 1930 U.S. Census on April 13th, the family included a daughter, Mary, and was still living in Winchester, but on Irving Street.

Search Massachusetts Naturalization Records At Footnote

Find anything from any year back to 1759 in the World's Largest Newspaper Archive!

21 May 2011

1906 Wakefield MA Birth Index - Josphine Cardillo

1906 Wakefield MA Birth Index Volume: 559 Page: 685 Entry: 107
Name: Josephine Cardillo
Birth: 7 June 1906
Residence: Wakefield
Father: "Dominick" Cardillo, contractor, born in Italy
Mother: "Carmen" Cardillo, born in Italy

Josephine was the older sister of Raffaella Cardillo.  You can view their pedigree chart in this post.

1914 Boston MA Marriage Index - Palermo to Cardillo

 1914 Boston MA Marriage Index Volume: 1914/MV1 Page: 264 Entry: 1712

Date of Marriage: 29 March 1914 in Boston
Priest: Venceslao Bellucci, 14 North Bennet Street

Groom: Giuseppe Palermo
Age: 25, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Jewelry Worker
Residence: 26 Bremen Street
Parents: Michelangelo Palermo and Angiolina Vesce

Bride: Raffaela Cardillo
Age: 21, born in Italy (Most likely Taurasi, although both her lines are from Torre.)
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Sales Woman
Residence: 26 Gates Street
Parents: Andrea Cardillo and Carmela de Angelis

Pedigree Chart of Raffaela Cardillo

20 May 2011

1914 Swampscott MA Marriage Index - Marino to Cardillo

 1914 Swampscott MA Marriage Index Volume: 625 Page: 713 Entry: 17

Date of Marriage: 10 May 1914 in Swampscott, MA
Priest: Patrick Coleman

Groom: Giovanni Marino
Age: 26, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Shoemaker
Residence: Lynn, MA
Father: Orazio Marino
Mother: Filomena Gallo

Bride: Giuseppa Cardillo
Age: 20, born in Italy (Probably Pietradefusi, although her maternal line is from Torre le Nocelle.)
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: Lynn, MA
Father: Domenico Cardillo
Mother: Maria Petriello

19 May 2011

1909 Wakefield MA Birth Index - Raffaella Cardillo

1909 Wakefield MA Birth Index Volume: 583 Page: 712 Entry: 243
Name: Raffaele Cardillo (female)
Birth: 6 November 1909
Residence: Wakefield
Father: Dominic Cardillo, contractor, born in Italy
Mother: Carmela Cardillo, born in Italy
Note: Corrected on 19 July 1962 (Presumably from Raffaele to Raffaella as she also shows in the 1910 census as female.)

 Pedigree Chart of Raffaella Cardillo

18 May 2011

1897 Boston MA Birth Index - Leonardo Capone

1897 Boston Birth Index Volume: 468 Page: 181 Entry: 8141
Name: Leonardo Capone
Birth: 25 August 1897
Residence: 115 Salem Street
Father: Federico Capone, laborer, born in Italy
Mother:  Graziella, born in Italy

Pedigree Chart of Leonardo Capone

11 May 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Ciriaco Capone (1895)

 Certificate of Arrival

Petition for Naturalization #98263
Filed 19 October 1927 in Boston MA
Name: Ciriaco Capone
Occupation: Laborer
Residence: 15 Cleveland Place,  Boston MA
Brth: 19 July 1895 in Montemiletto, Italy
Emigration: Duca Degli Abruzzi - Napoli to New York - 16 May 1921
Declaration of Intention: #176244 Filed 5 October 1925 in Boston MA
Spouse: Giuseppina, born and residing in Italy
Daughter: Angelina, born 27 September 1926 in Italy, residing in Italy
Witness: Fred Saccardo, machinist, Boston
Witness: Vincenzo Fine, florist, Boston
Date of Admission: 23 January 1928
Certificate of Naturalization #: 2655430

 Declaration of Intention

Naturalization Petition

1912 Boston MA Marriage Index - Cardillo to Piditto

1912 Boston MA Marriage Index Volume: 613 Page: 149 Entry: 3387

Date of Marriage: 16 June 1912
Priest: Francis Berti, 12 North Square

Groom: Beniamino Cardillo
Age: 26, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Laborer
Residence: 12 Lawn Street
Parents: Ciriaco Cardillo and Lucia Luongo

Bride: Nicoletta Piditto
Age: 22, born in Italy
Marital: First
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 12 Lawn Street
Parents: Gaetano Piditto and Pasqualina di Iorio

05 May 2011

Florindo Is Tormenting Me...

.... with photo's of Torre in the spring ... because he knows how homesick I am!!  

How beautiful is our little comune, eh?!